China’s three Core Railway Stations, also called Core China Train Stations,  can reach all provincial capital cities directly in China, no more transferring required.”


|  中国三大核心火车站

English Words:                 China's Three Core Railway Stations

Chinese Pinyin:                  Zhōng Guó Sān Dà Hé Xīn Huǒ Chē Zhàn

Chinese Characters:              中国三大核心火车站

Similar Chinese Words:           
                                   中国核心火车站(Zhōng Guó Hé Xīn Huǒ Chē Zhàn)| Core China Train Station


What is it?

What is “China’s Three Core Railway Staion”?

In China, there are hundreds and thousands of train stations that can reach all locations of the mainland of China. Among them, only the three major railway stations can reach all capital cities of China directly, without having to transfer. 



The three special railway stations are Wuchang Railway Station, Xi’an Railway Station, and Zhengzhou Railway Station. They are called “Three Core Railway Stations” in China.




What it means to Chinese?

What it means to people living or travelling in China ?

China’s three core railway stations are located in three famous capital cities in China:

  • Wuchang Railway Station in Wuhan, Hubei province;
  • Xi’an Railway Station in Xi’an, Sha’anxi Province;
  • Zhengzhou Railway Station in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.




If you are planning to visit China or travel in China, you may choose to go to one of three cities above, then you can easily reach any other provincial capital cities in China, no transferring required. Some of them can also give you multi-choices on the normal train or high-speed railway experiences. 



Brief Introduction

Give Brief Introductions About Them

  • Wuchang Railway Station

English Words:                 Wuchang Railway Station

Chinese Pinyin:                  Wú Cāng Huǒ Chē Zhàn

Mandarin Chinese:                武昌火车站

Similar Chinese Words:          武昌站(Wǔ Cāng Zhàn)| Wuchang Train Station

Wuchang Railway Station is the largest normal-speed train station hub in central China. It is located at the southeast side of Zhongshan Road in Wuchang District, Wuhan city in Hubei province in China. It was founded in 1916 and renovated in 2007-2008. With years of construction, it has become a new type of large train station with a modern atmosphere, completed facilities and functions.



Wuhan Railway Station in Wuhan City, Hubei province, China.

Wuhan Railway Station in Wuhan City, Hubei province, China.


As the intersection of Beijing-Guangzhou and Wuchang-Jiujiang rail lines, Wuchang Station links Wuhan with almost every city inside Hubei Province and many other major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, etc. 



Please note, it is a normal train station, while most long-distance trains operated here are ordinary trains, no high-speed trains here. If you need to take or transfer a high-speed train in Wuhan, you should go to the specific high-speed railway station, which is called “Wuhan Railway Station”.

需注意的是,武昌站是普速火车站,这里运营的大多数长途列车均为普通列车。在武汉,若需乘坐高铁,需前往专门的高铁站 —— 武汉站。



  • Zhengzhou Railway Station

English Words:                 Zhengzhou Railway Station

Chinese Pinyin:                  Zhèng Zhōu Huǒ Chē Zhàn

Mandarin Chinese:                郑州火车站

Similar Chinese Words:          郑州站(Zhèng Zhōu Zhàn)| Zhengzhou Train Station

Related Chinese Words:          中国高铁 (Gāo Tǐe) | China Railway Highspeed (CRH)
                                子弹头列车 (Zǐ Dàn Tóu Lìe Chē) |  Bullet Train
                                郑欧班列 (Zhèng Ōu Bān Liè) | Zheng-Europe International Block Train

Zhengzhou Railway Station, located in the center of China’s eight major railway hubs, is one of the principal level stations that can handle high-speed train, intercity train, and also operate normal train services at the same time. It is also a 100-year-old train / high-speed train station.



Due to its unique geographical position, Zhengzhou Rail Station will continue to be China’s high-speed railway hub in the era of high-speed rail in China. The trains from Zhengzhou Railway Station, can reach all provincial capital cities in about 8 hours (except Lhasa), while the Zheng-Europe International Block Train can lead to the Middle East and European countries. Hence the Zhengzhou Railway Station is also known as the “Heart of China’s Rail System”.



Zhengzhou Railway Station in Zhengzhou City, Henan province, China.

Zhengzhou Railway Station in Zhengzhou City, Henan province, China.



  • Xi’an Railway Station

English Words:                 Xi'an Railway Station

Chinese Pinyin:                  Xī Ān Huǒ Chē Zhàn

Mandarin Chinese:                西安火车站

Similar Chinese Words:          西安站(Xī Ān Zhàn)| Xi'an Train Station

Xi’an Railway Station, formerly known as Chang’an Station, was established in December 1934. It is one of the three major train stations in Xi’an city, and also one of the railway hubs in western China. As one of the China’s eight major railway hubs, Xi’an Railway Station is an important transportation hub linking the northwest and southwest of China Rail System.

西安站,即西安火车站 (Xi’an Railway Station),原名长安站,始建于1934年12月,是西安三大火车站之一。也是中国西部铁路枢纽之一。作为全中国八大铁路枢纽之一,西安站是中国路网中联通西北、西南的重要交通枢纽。


Xi'an Railway Station in Xi'an City, Sha'anxi province, China.

Xi’an Railway Station in Xi’an City, Sha’anxi province, China.


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