"Today in China, Duan Zi Shou (Chinese Punster Jokester) is a group of people who have humor ability and output their humor as "joke content". original authors who are writing and output funny sentences, pictures, Gifs, short video clips, and even cartoons on the Internet. "


| 中国段子手

Chinese Pinyin:                 Zhōng Guó Duàn Zi Shǒu

Chinese Characters:             中国段子手

Similar Chinese Words:    
    段友(Duàn Yǒu)、 网红段子手(Wǎng Hóng Duàn Zi Shǒu)、 头号段子手(Tóu Hào Duàn Zi Shǒu)、 逗逼/逗比(Dòu Bī)

Related Chinese Words: 
    冷笑话(Lěng Xiào Huà)、 内涵(Nèi Hán)、 段子(Duàn Zi)、 吐槽(Tǔ Cáo)、 搞笑文化(Gǎo Xiào Wén Huà)、极品(Jí Pǐn)、 神评论(Shén Píng Lùn)、 梗(Gěng)、 抖包袱(Dǒu Bāo Fu)、 抖机灵(Dǒu Jī Líng)、无节操(Wú Jié Cāo)、无厘头(Wú Lǐ Tóu)、屌丝(Diǎo Sī)、网络推手(Wǎng Luò Tuī Shǒu)


What is Duan Zi Shou?

What is “段子手” Chinese Punster Jokester?

In the past, the traditional Chinese crosstalk artists were the earliest masters of Chinese Punster Jokesters in China. Two men stood on the stage, performing with four trained fundamental skills including “speaking”, “imitating”, “teasing” and “singing”, to tell jokes and say tongue twisters. It not only makes fun skillfully for audiance, but also satirizes the false, evil or ugly things in our lives and then sparks much further thoughts.



“Duan You (Chinese Punster Jokester) goes to battle, nothing will grow!” —— Popular Sentence From China Internet Culture

“段友出征,寸草不生!” —— 源于中国网络文化的流行语


Now, Chinese Jokester, it refers to the original authors who are writing and output funny sentences, pictures, Gifs, short video clips, and even cartoons on the Internet in China. 




What it means to Chinese?

What “段子手” Duan Zi Shou means in China?

Today in China, Duan Zi Shou (Chinese Punster Jokester) is a group of the most important people standing behind the rich Chinese Internet Culture. They are a group of people who have strong humor ability and output their humor as “joke content”. They publish jokes in rich types, no longer limited to text or pictures but also including funny short videos, comics, and even music. Also, they spread jokes to various platforms speedily, such as to send short-text jokes on Weibo, upload funny re-created picture or photos, use interesting emotions, use funny ringing tones in smartphones, edit funny video clips, perform amused live-stream shows, create top-rating funny comments on social sites like Zhihu, Weibo, Douban, Netease Music, WeChat Friends platforms, and so on.



After a long period of time, the total fans of many jokesters can reach tens of millions, and the income of top jokesters can reach million RMB a year.



Currently, the most well-known Chinese punster jokesters are no longer independent individuals. 90% of them have joined professional managers’ agency. Those professional agencies are mainly dealing with the jokesters’ advertisement business and responsible for cooperational negotiations.



For the common Chinese people, Duan Zi Shou ( Chinese Punster / Jokester)  is not a professional job but a circle based on common interests in Social Networks. Not all of Chinese Jokester create humor contents only for pursuing profit. Every day, many fresh streams of Chinese jokesters are flooding out and being active on social platforms. They publish lots of original jokes just due to their interest and hobbies.



For advertisement companies and production enterprises, contacting those professional manager’s agency, and paying Chinese punsters for their hot original funny contents in which their brands of product or service have already been embedded , and then supporting further viral-spreading on Chinese social platforms, should be one of the most cost-effective and serious marketing business in China.



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