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Learning Mandarin Chinese mainly refers to the study of Standard Chinese Language which is literally called "Hanyu" (汉语, hàn yǔ) or known as "PuTongHua" (普通话, pǔ tōng huà).

Hanyu or PuTongHua, the standard Chinese language, is the official first language in China, with the Simplified Chinese as its standard writing system and Hanyu Pinyin as its romanized phonetic system for learning Chinese pronunciation.

In the term of the writing form, the Simplified Chinese Characters, which is a simplified style of Chinese writings in modern China, get wide popularity in use in mainland China and some Chinese communities in Southeast Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, opposed to the Traditional Chinese writings used in Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan of China.

On the phonetic Chinese study, Hanyu Pinyin, often abbreviated to "Pinyin", is the official romanization system used to record Chinese pronunciations and help people learn how to read the standard Chinese characters and words.

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