"Let's say this, in the Russian World Cup, except for the football team in China, basically everything else went…” Such as a total of $835 million US dollars in advertising by Chinese sponsors, etc.

Chinese Sponsors in World Cup 2018   |   世界杯上的中国赞助

English Words:                 Chinese Sponsors in 2018 World Cup

Chinese Pinyin:                2018 Shì Jiè Bēi Shàng De Zhōng Guó Zàn Zhù

Mandarin Chinese:              2018年世界杯上的中国赞助

Similar Chinese Words:  

        中国品牌 (Zhōng Guó Pǐn Pái) |  Chinese Brands   
        中国企业 (Zhōng Guó Qǐ Yè) |  Chinese Enterprises / Companies / Firms
        中国广告 (Zhōng Guó Guǎng Gào) |  Chinese Advertisements 

Chinese Sponsors in World Cup 2018 Russia

What is it?

What are "Chinese Sponsors" in World Cup 2018?

In FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, many familiar Chinese brands can be seen on the court. According to FIFA’s financial documents, of the 20 all-level sponsors for World Cup 2018,  a total of 7 sponsors are from Chinese companies, accounting for almost one-third sponsorship. These 7 Chinese sponsors are Dalian Wanda Group, China Mengniu Dairy, Hisense Electronics, Vivo Mobiles, Yadea Electric Vehicles, DiKing Menswear, and Zhidian Yijing Virtual Reality Technology. However, in the last World Cup in Brazil 2014, there was only one Chinese sponsor, namely Yingli Energy.




The sponsorship is always the main income for the World Cup. Their sponsors are usually divided into three levels:

Level-1 Sponsorship — — FIFA Partners, starting at the US $120 million. These sponsors can enjoy all advertising priority and marketing priority, and use the FIFA logo for 8 years. The Chinese sponsor in this level includes China’s Dalian Wanda, etc.

Level-2 Sponsorship — — FIFA Official Sponsors of this World Cup, starting from the US $68 million. They can enjoy the sponsorship rights directly in this 2018 World Cup in Russia and use the FIFA logo for 4 years. The Chinese sponsors in this level include Hisense, Vivo, Mengniu, etc.

Level-3 Sponsorship — — World Cup’s regional supporters, starting at the US $20 million. This level includes Chinese sponsors like Yadea Electric Vehicles, DiKing Menswear, Zhidian Yijing Virtual Reality Technology, etc.







What it means to Chinese?

What it means to Chinese People?

According to market research agency Zenith’s statistics, the World Cup 2018 has received a total of 2.4 billion sponsorship fees, of which Chinese sponsors have contributed $835 million US dollars in advertising, the United States sponsors with $400 million US dollars, and Russia with $64 million US dollars. It means that the amount from Chinese companies’ sponsorship has exceeded one-third of the total. The New York Times estimated that FIFA’ revenue in the World Cup 2018 will be 10% more than expected, due to the participation of Chinese enterprises’ sponsorship.




In addition to seven Chinese sponsors for the 2018 World Cup, there are 100 thousand crayfishes and over 100,000 Chinese Football fans, have rushed to Russia. Most of the football equips and mascots are also made in China. That’s to say, there are full of “Chinese elements” in Russia’s 2018 World Cup, although no China Football team join in there.




That's why many Chinese fans talked for fun that apart from the football team in China, they did not go to the World Cup in Russia, and everything else went.




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