"Sending / Receiving Virtual WeChat Red Packet is becoming one of the new and popular trationals in China."


|  春节新传统:人人爱抢微信红包


What is Red Packet?

What is "红包 Red Packet"?

English Words:                       Red Packets, or Red Envelops

Chinese Characters:             红包

Chinese Pinyin:                      Hóng Bāo

Similar Chinese Words:     利是(Lì Shì)


Red Packets, also known as 红包 (Hóng Bāo), ‘Red Envelops' or even ‘Lucky Money' — holding a monetary value is given to and received from friends and families. Chinese people always use Red Packets as gifts not only at festivals but also on weddings, birthday parties and even as a work bonus.



What is WeChat Red Packet?

What is "抢微信红包 Grab WeChat Red Packet"?

English Sentences:             Grab WeChat Red Packet on Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese Characters:           春节抢微信红包

Chinese Pinyin:                    Chūn Jīe Qiǎng Wēi Xìn Hóng Bāo

Similar Chinese Words:    红包(Hóng Bāo)、支付宝红包(Zhī Fù Bǎo Hóng Bāo)


Nowadays, thanks to the hot app like WeChat and Alipay, most of Chinese and youth are more likely to send or receive virtual red packets over the WeChat or Alipay. It is commonly called "Grab WeChat Red Packet" when some friends or families participating in the Virtual Red Packets activities in one chat group.  Likewise, there are also "Grab Red Packet" or "Grab Alipay Red Packet" or "Grab Taobao Red Packet".


With the help of effective social Apps,  either to send or grab red packets,  it becomes so simple to roll in and easy to share lucky and fun with any friends or families.



What It Means to Chinese?

One Shot Tells How Hot It Is in China

WeChat official has released the “WeChat Red Packet Data Report on 2018 Chinese New Year’s Eve”. The statistics showed that, on the day of Chinese New Year’s Eve of 2018, a total of 688 million WeChat users had sent New Year’s greetings & blessings using WeChat’s Red Packet function. There were 15% increased over the previous year.


Among them, a woman from Shandong province had become the top one with the award of the “best lucky hand” , after receiving 1848 red packets on that day. In addition, another lady from Zhejiang province had spent big bucks by sending out 1203 red packets within a day.


Hope you will be the next "best lucky hand" in grabbing Red Packet via apps in China. 🙂


More Stories To be Continued


Bonus Reading

Sometimes, WeChat Official will award random WeChat-Pay In-Store Red Packets to those using WeChat Pay offline.





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