A New Efficient Payment Method is launched on highway tolls in China Which is called “Highway Unconscious Pay / Payment”.


|   高速无感支付

English Words:                 Highway Unconscious Pay / Payment

Chinese Pinyin:                  Gāo Sù Wú Gǎn Zhī Fù

Chinese Characters:              高速无感支付

Similar Chinese Words:           
                                   支付宝车牌付(Zhī Fù Bǎo Chē Pái Fù)、
                                   微信高速e行(Wēi Xìn Gāo Sù e Xíng)、
                                   腾讯无感支付(Téng Xùn Wú Gǎn Zhī Fù)

Related Chinese Words: 
                                   无现金支付(Wú Xìan Jīn Zhī Fù)| Cash-free / Cashless Payment
                                   无感支付 (Wú Gǎn Zhī Fù)| Unconsicous Payment


What is it?

What is it  “Highway Unconscious Pay” in China?

Highway Unconscious Payment is a new payment method in China based on the license plate number as the credit, which saves drivers’ time for stopping, waiting and changes giving while passing the highway toll station and achieves efficient access on highway road.



Drivers can link their car license plate numbers to one of their Alipay or WeChat account. When the car is reaching the highway toll booth via a special smart channel (such as Alipay Exclusive Channel), its license plate will be scanned with the help of image recognition technology, and then the toll will automatically deduct the fee in Alipay account.



With regard to the security, the probability of error in car license plate recognition is less than one in 100000. If the recognition error happened, the user would get the full deducted fee returned. Comparing to the traditional ETC channel and system, this “Unconscious Payment” doesn’t even need to be prepaid, and is also more flexible in use.




Latest Events

Latest Events about China’s Highway Unconsicous Payment?

  • “License Plate Pay” —— Alipay Supported Highway Unconscious Payment Solution

支付宝中的高速无感支付功能 —— “车牌付”

Alipay Car License Plate Pay - Alipay's Unconscious Payment Solution

(Alipay Car License Plate Pay – Alipay’s Unconscious Payment Solution)

If you have registered your Alipay account, as long as your Zhima Credit  Score in Alipay reaches up to 550, you can link your car license plate numbers to your Alipay account. Then your car is becoming an object like Alipay, and your license plate becoming the object like payment code.



When you driving through the highway toll station in China, the toll can recognize your car and you by scanning the car license plate, and then automatically deduct your fee from your Alipay account. No cash, no returning behaviors for small changes, and even no smart phone to be taken out.



Currently, this Alipay’s Highway Toll solution is only launched as a test in some highway toll stations in Henan and Shan’xi provinces and is expected to be available across the rest of China in the near future.




  • “Highway E-Pass”(Mini Program) —— WeChat Supported Highway Unconscious Payment Solution

微信中的高速无感支付功能 —— “高速e行”(小程序)

(WeChat Highway E-Pass Pay - Tencent's Unconscious Payment Solution)

(WeChat Highway E-Pass Pay – Tencent’s Unconscious Payment Solution)

Once link your car license plate numbers to your WeChat account, and have also activated “small payment without password” function, then you will enjoy the feature. If you worry about its availability, you can deposit some money in advance into the wallet of your WeChat account.



When you driving and pass through the highway toll station in China, the toll will identify your car and you by scanning the car license plate, then automatically deduct fees from your WeChat account and send a deduction message to your mobile phone. With this function, you can pass through the highway smoothly first and then get the fee deducted automatically later. No ETC card, no QR code scanning, or no smartphone is required.



Currently, this WeChat’s ’s Highway Toll solution is only launched as a test in some highway toll stations in Shandong. and is also expected to be available across the rest of China in the near future.



Apps Related

Product / Apps Related

高德地图:v8.50.0 + 

The new version of Gaode Maps (AMAP) v8.50.0 (and also future versions) has firstly introduced Alipay’s Highway Payment function support. The drivers who have activated unconscious payment function in Alipay app,  can now view on maps and check which highway toll stations support unconscious payment now, and then enjoy the quick pass experience.





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