"Share some useful tips that help memorize Chinese digital hand gestures, if you haven't yet mastered the skills to signify numbers with Chinese number gestures. Hope it helps."


|  这些巧合帮你牢记中国的数字手势

English Words:       Coincidences

Chinese Pinyin:      Qiǎo Hé

Chinese Characters:  巧合

Related Chinese Words:   
    技巧 (Jì qiǎo)| Tips.
    窍门 (Qiào mén)| Tricks.

Table of Contents

About Chinese Digital Hand Gestures

| 中国的数字手势

Smart Coincidences Help Remember Chinese Digital Hand Gestures

Chinese people do have their own hand gestures to express the numbers, different from that in other countries. If you are not familiar with the common Chinese digital hand gestures, please check out our text story of Chinese number gestures or full video story here.


Did you find some interesting coincidences hidden among those Chinese number gestures?


The following "smart numeral coincidences" may shed some light for you and should help you quickly memorize all Chinese digital hand gestures and practice more in daily life.



Smart Coincidences Help Remember Chinese Digital Hand Gestures

| 以下巧合帮你牢记中国数字手势

1. For Chinese Gestures 1-5, the Total Fingers Raised Equal to the Number It Stands for.

|  对中国数字手势 1-5 来说,伸出的手指头个数等于该手势表示的数字。

First, to make Chinese digital gestures from 1 to 5, just remember to raise up the index finger as the beginning, then one by one following anticlockwise, until five fingers are all extended.

首先,表示数字 1 至 5 的手势,只需记得先伸出食指,然后其余手指按逆时针方向逐个伸出,直至五根手指全部伸出来。

2. For Chinese Odd/Even Digital Gestures, the Total Fingers Triggered Are Also Odd or Even.

|  对奇数或偶数来说,其手势中调用的手指头个数也是奇数或偶数。

Next, whether it is for an odd or even number, the total fingers triggered in the gestures are also matching with an odd or even number. For example, to express the number nine, only one finger (the index) is in use. As for number seven, only three fingers stand for it.

其次,无论是表示奇数还是偶数,其手势中起作用的手指个数也是对应的奇数或偶数。比如,表数字 9 时, 只有 1 根食指起作用。而数字 7, 只用了 3 根手指表达。

And oppositely, for the number ten, two types of Chinese gestures separately ask two or zero fingers extended for the number, which are both even.

相反地,如数字 10, 两种手势分别伸出 2 根手指或 0 根手指来表达,这样调用的手指数也均为偶数。

3. Using Both Hands to Express 0-9 Could Be Understood as Large Numbers up to 99.

|  用双手比划 0-9 的中国手势可表达最大至 99 的大数字。

Smart Chinese number gestures help you easily signify the numbers from 1 to 99. You don't have to remember too many different types of hand gestures or skills. On the contrary, it only requires you to learn how to use Chinese number gestures from 1 to 10 and the only basic principle for pairing usage. That's enough.

最后,中国数字手势的高明之处在于它可以让你很轻松地就能从数字 1 比划到 99。你无需记住太多不同类型的手势或技巧。相反,你只需学会怎样用中国手势来表示数字 1 到 10,以及一条配对使用的原理,就足够了。

For example, if you use the right hand to make a fist, and extend your left hand to make any type of Chinese digital hand gestures from 1 to 9, then both together will naturally be understood as a two-digit number like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90.

例如,若你将右手握拳,并伸出左手表达从 1 至 9 的任一种数字手势,这样合起来自然会被视作是表达一个两位数,如 10、20、30、40、50、60、70、80 和 90。

Please note, if you raise the left-hand gesture a little higher or move it forward, it will more push others to easily understand it as the number at the Tens place and the right hand as the number at Ones place.


4. The Sequence to Show up Two-digit Gestures Is Same as the Writing Order of Arabic Numerals.

|  展示两位数手势的先后顺序与两位数阿拉伯数字的书写顺序相同。

When you'd like to emphasize the figure you expressed and further confirm it with others, it is common to repeat the gesture of left hand first, then followed by the repetition of another hand.


The sequence of your movement is equal to the order of how we write down a two-digit number as usual.


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