Learn Four Seasons in Chinese: Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall and Winter in Chinese and Seasons Divided in China


How do you say four seasons in Chinese language? Do you know how a year is divided by four seasons in China? The following bilingual story is trying to show the Chinese seasonal expressions as much as easier, individually for Spring, Summer, Autumn or Fall, and Winter in Chinese. Keep reading to learn Chinese time words and phrases for seasons, season-related, as well as the common dividing of four seasons in China.

Target Story Words

English Words:

Chinese Pinyin:

Standard Chinese:

Similar Chinese Words:
四季 Sì jì The collective word to say four seasons in Chinese.
春夏秋冬 Chūn xià qiū dōng Another common expression to say four seasons in Chinese.

Related Chinese Words:
“日”时间 Rì shí jiān Chinese time words to express days.
“周”时间 Zhōu shí jiān Chinese time expressions for days of the week and weeks.
“月”时间 Yuè shí jiān Chinese time expressions for months.

Chinese Words Pronunciation

Chinese Pronunciation on GoogleLearn to Say Chinese Seasons

Core Chinese Characters for Seasons


As a rule, there's only one major Chinese character commonly used to express the "Season" in Chinese or the four seasons expressions in Chinese, to help distinguish the following seasons' time in Chinese from other time expressions, such as the Chinese time expressions for days, dates, days of the week, months, years, etc.


The core characters signal four "Seasons" in Chinese, as below:

  • (Jì) - to indicate a "season" in Chinese time expressions.
    季 - 中文时间语中用来指示某个“季节”的汉字。

    • The major and commonly-used Chinese character to signal the season as a unit of time in Chinese.
    • often appears in both written and spoken Chinese seasonal expressions.
    • originally means the last one ranking in an order, such as "季春 (jì chūn) - the third month of Spring", "季军 (jì jūn) - the third place of the ranking".
  • (Tiān) - commonly means the "day" in Chinese, sometimes used to describe the days of some season.
    天 - 主要指“日子”,也用来形容季节里的日子。

    • a casual Chinese character to mean the day or sometimes indicate the season in the spoken Chinese time expressions, for example, "夏天 (xià tiān) - summer or summer days.
    • often appears in both spoken and written Chinese. See sample expressions below.
    • and its original meaning refers to the sky.
  • (Rì) - usually means a "day" in Chinese, sometimes used to describe the days in some season.
    日 - 通常指“日子”,有时也形容季节里的日子。

    • a formal Chinese character to signal a day or some day of a period, such as using "夏日" to mention some day in summer.
    • often appears in written Chinese and more formal time expressions to emphasize some day during the season or period.
    • and its original meaning refers to the sun.

Learn Four Seasons in Chinese


To learn about Four Seasons in Chinese and their writings, one formula below is required to remember.

Each Season in Chinese =

Season Name + Core Characters for Seasons

春/夏/秋/冬 + “季”或“天”或“日” = 表示某个季节

  • - (sì jì) - Four seasons collectively in Chinese
  • - (chūn jì) - Spring in Chinese
  • - (xià jì) - Summer in Chinese
  • - (qiū jì) - Autumn or Fall in Chinese
  • - (dōng jì) - Winter in Chinese

Learn Four Seasons in Chinese, Chinese Spring/Summer/Autumn/Fall/Winter Seasons

  • - (chūn tiān) - Spring in Chinese
  • - (xià tiān) - Summer in Chinese
  • - (qiū tiān) - Autumn or Fall in Chinese
  • - (dōng tiān) - Winter in Chinese
  • - (chūn rì) - To emphasize some day of the spring in Chinese
  • - (xià rì) - To emphasize some day of the summer in Chinese
  • - (qiū rì) - To emphasize some day of the autumn or fall in Chinese
  • - (dōng rì) - To emphasize some day of the winter in Chinese

More Chinese Seasons' Expressions


  • 去年春季 - (qù nián chūn jì) - Last spring in Chinese
  • 这个夏天 - (zhè gè xià tiān) - This summer in Chinese
  • 秋天的早晨 - (qiū tiān de zǎo chén) - Autumn morning in Chinese
  • 冬日傍晚 - (dōng rì bàng wǎn) - Winter dusk in Chinese
  • 夏日微风 - (xià rì wēi fēng) - Summer breeze in Chinese
  • 春天来了 - (chūn tiān lái le) - Spring is coming/falls
  • 夏天 - (zài xià tiān) - In summer (time)
  • 进入秋季 - (jìn rù qiū jì) - Enter/into the autumn
  • 冬天了 - (dào dōng tiān le) - It's winter
  • 春天秋天 - (cóng chūn tiān dào qiū tiān) - From spring to autumn
  • 到了春季 - (dào le chūn jì) - Till/by spring

When Is The Chinese Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter? Tell Two Major Dividings.


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