"Do you like tattoos? Have you already got one on your body? What about considering getting a Chinese Word Tattoo that would make you look cool and unique? Before you get started, it's quite important to realize the meanings of those Chinese tattoos, so that you can keep away from the stupid ones but pick up the best cool Chinese words tattoos wisely. The following story will introduce you tattoos in Chinese and English,  and give you plenty of best cool Chinese tattoo ideas, with the Chinese words & characters included and their meaning, for your reference."


|  最新最酷的中国字纹身创意及含义

English Words:       Chinese Words Tattoos, Tattoos with Chinese Words & Characters

Chinese Pinyin:      Zhōng Guó Zì Wén Shēn

Chinese Characters:  中国字纹身

Similar Chinese Words:   
    文身 (Wénshēn)| The behavior of tatooing.
Related Chinese Words:   
    刺青 (Cìqīng)| A traditional common name for tattoos in Simplified Chinese.
    汉字 (Hànzì)| Chinese characters and words.
    书法 (Shūfǎ)| Calligraphy, the art of writting Chinese characters. 
    图案 (Tú'àn) | Here specifies the Chinese tattoo patterns and designs.
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How to Say "Tattoos" or "Chinese Tattoos" in Chinese?

| Tattoos 的中文说法

Best Cool Chinese Words/Characters Within Hot Chinese Tattoo Ideas

In the Chinese language, there are usually three different Chinese words to describe Tattoos or Chinese Tattoos. They are called "纹身", "文身" and "刺青" respectively in Simplified Chinese.

在中文里,有三个不同的汉语词语都可用来描述 Tattoos 一词,分别是:“纹身 (wén shēn)”、“文身 (wén shēn)”及“刺青 (cì qīng)”。

To be specified, the first Chinese word "纹身 (wén shēn)" is currently the most popular modern expression of saying Tattoos in China. Generally, it is often used as a static noun, but the usage is not too strict now.


For example, you are free to say "你纹身了吗 (Have you tattooed before)?" or "你有纹身吗 (Do you have a tattoo)?" in Chinese, because both of them are correct and expressing the same meaning.


The second Chinese word "文身 (wén shēn)" is a pretty concise Chinese word sourcing from ancient China. It is pronounced as same as the previous Chinese word "纹身" but written differently since the beginning character of the word "文" here works as a verb to describe the behavior of "to tattoo" or "to stick and poke a tattoo". So you are only able to say "你文身了吗 (Did you tattoo)?" in Chinese instead of "你有文身吗 (Do you have a tattoo)?".


A More Literary Term for Chinese Tattoos

| “刺青”,更文艺的中国纹身说法

The third Chinese word "刺青 (cì qīng)" is also a Chinese term derived from ancient times of China, but it sounds more elegant and literary in the modern Chinese. This Chinese word specifically refers to the black or blue-cyan-color tattoos stabbed and poked with needles or similar tools.


In ancient Chinese history, 刺青 was initially used as one of the common punishments to mark and identify criminals. Later, it was developed to be a culture of giving certain personal wishes through tattoos, to achieve kinds of purposes like commemoration, cautions, or encouragement in China.


Strictly speaking, "刺青" belongs to the field of "纹身" (tattoos), but now the word of 刺青 is still used broadly in China. For example, nowadays, many Chinese tattoo artists called themselves "刺青师 (Tattoo Masters)" and their tattoo works "刺青 (Tattoos)", to show their respect and inheritance of traditional Chinese tattoo culture, and add more literary color and unique charm to their tattoo designs as well.



Recommend Best Cool Chinese Word Tattoos and Meanings

| 推荐超酷的中国字纹身创意及其含义

Best Cool Single-Word Chinese Tattoos and Their Meanings


As the name suggested, a single-word Chinese tattoo idea only contains one Chinese character. Generally, they are designed based on Chinese calligraphy art in which Chinese characters are written in traditional or simplified Chinese style with a Chinese writing brush, united with traditional Chinese Black-and-White ink painting culture.


Best Cool Chinese Words/Characters Within Hot Chinese Tattoo Ideas 2020

For example:

  • The single Chinese word/character, "梦 (mèng)", means dream and sometimes it is associated with cherished wishes. It's often tattooed with Chinese calligraphy style such as 隶书 (Official Script) and 草书 (Cursive Script), etc.

Best Cool Chinese Words/Characters Within Hot Chinese Tattoo Ideas 2020

Other single Chinese Characters Tattoos like "安", "悟", "武" are also popular in Chinese Calligraphy Tattoos.


  • The first Chinese single-word tattoo "安 (ān)" means safe (to human) and peace (to environment).
  • The second Chinese single-word tattoo "悟 (wù)" describes someone who has understood and realized some principles and reason, and we say that the man has insight into something.
  • The last Chinese single-word tattoo "武 (wǔ)", pronounced similar to the previous word, often refers to Chinese KungFu (Martial Arts) and is probably loved by men because this Chinese Word Tattoo could give the feeling of power and strength.

More best cool Chinese word tattoos are recommended as follows, with their means as well.


Best Cool Chinese Words/Characters Within Hot Chinese Tattoo Ideas 2020

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