"Chinese pastries and cakes mean the snacks made with Chinese traditional process arts. This article introduces you the rest five of the top 10 delicious Chinese pastries and cakes."


|  精致美味的十大中式点心  (下篇)

English Words:       Chinese Pastries and Cakes

Chinese Pinyin:      Zhōng Shì Gāo Diǎn

Chinese Characters:  中式糕点

Related Chinese Words:   
    酥点 (Sū Diǎn)  | Pastry, one type of Chinese pastries and desserts.
    糕点 (Gāo Diǎn) | Cake, one type of Chinese pastries and cakes.
    点心 (Diǎn Xīn) | Dim sum, the name of Cantonese snacks.
    甜点 (Tián Diǎn)| Desserts. 
    小食 (Xiǎo Shí) | Appetizers, Snacks.

Table of Contents

About Chinese Pastries and Cakes "中式糕点"

Chinese pastry is the traditional name for Chinese style desserts and snacks. In ancient times, it was referring to breakfast, or to eat some food for relieving hunger, and gradually evolved into the name of all snacks except dinners.


Chinese pastry, means the snacks made with Chinese traditional procedure arts. Click for more about Chinese pastries and as well as the top 5 delicious Chinese pastries recommended

中式糕点,是指用中国传统工艺加工制作而成的点心。 点击前一篇阅读更多关于中式糕点以及推荐的前五大美味中式点心

Here we continue to the rest five of the top 10 most attractive and tasty Chinese pastries and cakes. Please check out the following.



Top 6.   Sweet Osmanthus Cake

| 六、 桂花糕  (Guì Huā Gāo)

Chinese Pastries and cakes, Chinese Cakes, Sweet Osmanthus Cake, Gui Hua Gao

Many Chinese Pastries and cakes always contain sweet osmanthus flowers. So did the sweet osmanthus cakes.


Sweet Osmanthus Cake, the traditional Chinese pastry, is made of white sugar, glutinous rice flour, and sweet osmanthus flower, with an attractive appearance as transparent as a yellow crystal.


As an amber did, the sweet osmanthus cake also sealed the whole fragrance and sweet taste of the osmanthus flowers inside.


Top 7.   Taro Pastry

| 七、 芋头酥  (Yù Tóu Sū)

Chinese Pastries, Chinese desserts, Chinese cakes, Taro Pastry, yo you su

As its name suggested, Taro Pastry is made of taro roots as raw materials and imitated purple or colorful spiral patterns on surfaces like taro’s appearance.


Taro pastry contains clearly spiral pastry skin, and sweet taro fillings, with crispy taste but not too greasy. That's why it becomes one of the most popular Chinese desserts after meals.


Top 8.   Salted Egg Yolk Pastry

| 八、 蛋黄酥  (Dàn Huáng Sū)

Chinese Pastries and cakes, Chinese desserts, Chinese cakes, Salted Egg Yolk Pastry, dan huang su

The name of Salted Egg Yolk Pastry is given due to its stuffing of egg yolk with a salty flavor. After baking, the outer skin of the salted egg yolk pastry becomes golden and crispy, while the inner is soft and sticky, all of which are mixed into a rich and delicate taste.


A salted egg yolk pastry tastes great, but it's not easy to make. It is generally produced after six-step processes, including water-oiled-dough, oiled-pastry, stuffing, raw mixture, baking, and more. The final baked pastries are full of gritty, crispy, soft, delicate taste, with both sweet and salty flavor blended and complemented each other.


Now the salted egg yolk pastry in China is not only one of the most traditional Chinese pastries, but also becomes a "viral" appetizing Chinese dessert spreading on the Internet.


Top 9.   Purple Sweet Potato Yam Cake

| 九、 紫薯山药糕  (Zǐ Shǔ Shān Yào Gāo)

Chinese Pastries, Chinese desserts, Chinese cakes, purple sweet potato yam cake, zi shu shan yao gao

The Purple Sweet Potato Yam Cake is made with purple sweet potatoes and yam as two primary ingredients.


Besides the rich nutrients and protein owned by ordinary sweet potatoes, this Chinese pastry is also rich in selenium, anthocyanin, and 18 amino acids and vitamins that are easily digested and absorbed by the human body.


Meanwhile, with gradient purple-to-white skin and texture, a soft and sweet taste, the purple sweet potato yam cake not only looks appetizing and attractive but also rich in nutrition and health benefits.


Top 10.   Rose Flower Cake

| 十、   玫瑰鲜花饼  (Méi Guī Xiān Huā Bǐng)

Chinese Pastries, Chinese desserts, Chinese cakes, rose flower cake, xian hua bing

The Flower Cake is a special Chinese pastry originated from Yun Nan province in south-west China which is made from edible flowers such as roses as the raw materials.


The Yunnan province is well known as a “Flower Country” in China counting on its warm and comfortable climate, four seasons like spring, abundant sunshine, and great geographical location, all of which have provided excellent conditions for the growth of edible rose flowers.


On the basis, Yunnan rose flower cakes are developing to be the representatives of distinctive Yunnan traditional desserts blending with "the flowers' fragrance plus the local Yunnan flavor".


The Flower Cake has a crispy taste, sweet but not too greasy, and a full bite of rose flower’s fragrance. For this reason, it becomes an absolutely must-try Chinese pastry for any tourist coming to Yunnan.



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