"Chinese pastries and desserts mean to be the snacks made with Chinese traditional procedure arts. This story will introduce you the part-one recommendation of the top 10 attractive and delicious Chinese pastries and desserts you shouldn't miss."


精致美味的十大中式点心  (上篇)

English Words:       Chinese Pastries and Desserts

Chinese Pinyin:      Zhōng Shì Diǎn Xīn

Chinese Characters:  中式点心

Related Chinese Words:   
    甜点 (Tián Diǎn)| Desserts
    小食 (Xiǎo Shí) | Appetizers, Snacks
    酥点 (Sū Diǎn)  | Pastry, one type of Chinese pastries.
    糕点 (Gāo Diǎn) | Cake, one type of Chinese pastries.
    点心 (Diǎn Xīn) | Dim sum, the name of Cantonese snacks.

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What Are Chinese Pastries "中式点心"?

Chinese Pastries and Desserts, Chinese Desserts, Chinese Cakes

Chinese pastry is the traditional name for Chinese style desserts and snacks. In ancient times, it was referred to breakfast, or some food to relieve hunger, and then gradually evolved into the name of all snacks except dinners. 


Chinese pastry means the snacks made with Chinese traditional procedure arts. Due to the geographic difference and different flavors among China, Chinese pastry has been developed into hundreds of styles and tastes. Nowadays, Beijing-style, Su-style, and Cantonese-style (also known as “Dim Sum”) are the most famous series in China.


From the professional techniques, Chinese Pasties can be classified into pastry series, mixed sugar dough series, syrup cake series, fried cake series,steamed cake series, puff pastry series, deep-fried series, and others.


Here we are listing the top 10 most attractive and tasty Chinese pastries and desserts as follows. Please check out.



Top 1.   Lotus Flower Pastry

| 一、   荷花酥  (Hé Huā Sū)

Chinese Pastry, Lotus Flower Pastry

Lotus Flower Pastry is one of the most famous traditional Chinese snacks popular in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province in China.


As recorded, it was originated from Ming and Qing Dynasties in China, and later introduced to be the royal dessert into the ancient Chinese palace.

它源自中国古代明清時期, 曾入宫成为中国宫廷点心。

The Lotus Flower Pastry is made with raw pastry dough (a mixture with fat oil, flour, and water). It is named due to its borning city Hangzhou as well as its appearance like a blooming lotus flower.


Looking at the details, it's clear to see the crispy crusts layer by layer. As a whole, it looks like a vivid lotus flower. As for the taste, it's crunchy and sweet with various stuffings inside.


Moreover, another specialty focuses on the last step to produce the dessert. When the raw pastry dough is putting into hot oil and fried, you are probably amazed by the whole process because all outer crusts like petals spreading out gradually as a real beautiful lotus flower blooming in the hot oil.


Top 2.   Plum Pastry

| 二、   梅花酥  (Méi Huā Sū)

Chinese Pastry, Plum Pastry, Mei hua su

“Plum blossoms come from the bitter cold”, this sentence came from a famous Chinese ancient poem. Since ancient times in China, the plum flower has become synonymous with high morality in the mind of Chinese people.


Plum Pastry is such a classic Chinese pastry, based on the shape of a plum in full blossom, sweet and crispy.


The ancient Chinese named it with the plum flower, enough to show their praise and love for this dessert.


Although the methods to make them up vary in different locations in China, they're usually filled with red bean or chestnut paste and then produced after roasting.


Later, taste the Plum pastries, plus drinking a pot of fragrant China tea. You may enjoy and elegant afternoon.


Top 3.   Chrysanthemum Pastry

| 三、   菊花酥  (Jǘ Huā Sū)

Chinese Pastry, Chrysanthemum Pastry, ju hua su

Chrysanthemum Pastry, the name was inspired by its shape like a blooming chrysanthemum flower. It is worthy of praise for both a beautiful appearance and a crispy taste.


With regard to the Chrysanthemum flower, blooming in winter seasons, it's one of the cool and elegant flowers that have flourished for countless dynasties in China since ancient times to the present. It always got widely praised, portrayed, and imitated by too many ancient scholars, painters and calligraphers. That also results in the name of Chrysanthemum Pastry given to this Chinese dessert.


Top 4.   Begonia Pastry

| 四、   海棠酥  (Hǎi Táng Sū)

Chinese Pastry, Begonia Pastry, Hai Tang Su

Begonia Pastry, also a classic Chinese dessert, is reinvented based on traditional cakes popular in the Anhui province of China.


With a great flower shape, sweet fillings, a crispy and moist taste, it looks like a blooming Begonia flower in a plate.


Top 5.   Dingsheng Cake

| 五、   定胜糕  (Dìng Shèng Gāo)

Chinese Pastry, Chinese Cakes, Ding Sheng Cake, Ding Sheng Gao, Victory Cake, Must-Win Cake

Ding Sheng Cake, also a traditional snack from Hangzhou city in China, is mainly steamed with a mixture of round-grained rice and glutinous rice. It benefits from the delighted pink color, sweet soft and sticky taste.


According to the legend, ancient folks living in the Southern Song Dynasty, in order to inspire officers and soldiers to win battles, tried to engrave on the surface of cakes with two Chinese Chinese characters “Ding Sheng”, which means "Must-Win" or "Victory", hence named it as “Dingsheng Cake”.



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