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China's Mid-Autumn Festival usually comes in September of each year, but sometimes a delay falling in the early October. The Mid-autumn Festival is one of the most important, traditional and legal Chinese festivals. Let's see what the China Mid-Autumn Festival actually is, how the most Chinese will celebrate it, and wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, no matter where you are.

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Similar Chinese Words:
团圆节 Tuán yuán jié Another Chinese name of Mid-Autumn Festival.
八月节 Bā yuè jié One of ancient names of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Related Chinese Words:
月饼 Yuè bǐng The moon cake in Chinese, which is the traditional must-eat snack in China Mid-autumn Festival.
中国小长假 Zhōng guó xiǎo cháng jià The Chinese long weekend holidays.
中国农历 Zhōng guó nóng lì Chinese lunisolar calendar.
调休 Tiáo xiū Working day in lieu, the special working-day adjustment carrying out during the holidays for some Chinese festivals.

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Chinese Pronunciation on GoogleSay “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” in Chinese

What Is China Mid-Autumn Festival?


China Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. It ranks among the top traditional Chinese festivals, second only to the Spring Festival.


In China, the Chinese Mid-Autumn's Day falls on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. The day is just in the middle of the fall season in a year, and also the middle of the month, so it is called 中秋节 (zhōng qiū jié) in Chinese.

  • The first character (zhōng) in its name means middle in Chinese.
  • The second character (qiū) means the autumn or fall season.
  • The last character (jié) is equal to the meaning of festival in Chinese.

* 名字中的“中”字,含义是中间的意思;
* 汉字“秋”意思是秋天、秋季;
* 而节代表节日的意思。

In China's lunisolar calendar, a year is divided into four seasons, and each season also into three months separately named as: (mèng) (zhòng) (jì) in Chinese, each corresponding to the meanings of the first month, second month and the third month in a season. The 8th-month 八月 (bā yuè) in the Chinese lunisolar calendar is just right the second month of the fall season, and it is also called 仲月 (zhòng yuè) in Chinese.


Thus, 中秋节 was also known as 仲秋节 (zhòng qīu jié) or 八月节 (bā yuè jié) in ancient China.


When Is China Mid-Autumn Festival?


The dates of the most traditional Chinese festivals are not fixed ones. Usually, China Mid-Autumn Festival is always coming in the second half of September of each year (the solar calendar), but sometimes it may also have a delay to early October.


For example, in the year 2019, the date of September 13 in the solar calendar, is just right the big day of the China Mid-Autumn Festival 2019. But to the next year's, the China Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 is postponed orderly to the date of October 1, which is overlapped with China's National Day Festival 2020.

举例来说,2019 年阳历的 9 月 13 日这一天,正是 2019 年的中秋节。而到了 2020 年,中秋节顺延至了 10 月 1 日,与 2020 年的中国国庆节日期重叠了。

For more dates about recent Mid-autumn Festival, please check out the full timetable below.


Long Weekend Holidays For Mid-Autumn


Since the adjustment of Chinese legal holidays in 2018, more traditional Chinese festivals have been legally promoted as a three-consecutive-day holiday by composing of the nearby two-day weekend plus a flexible working day in lieu arrangement. The China Mid-Autumn Festival's long weekend holidays are included in those legal Chinese holidays too.

自 2008 年起,中国节假日经过调整后,增加更多传统节日作为法定节假日,并利用灵活的调休加上周末双休日形成连续 3 日左右的小长假。这些中国法定小长假中就包括了中秋小长假。

Thus, the China Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, as one of the legal Chinese long weekend holidays, now is referring to the three-consecutive-day holidays.


Since the date of the China Mid-Autumn Festival is based on its lunar calendar, the actual date of the festival and its long weekend holidays are not fixed each year.


Take the legal China Mid-Autumn Festival 2019's Holidays as an example, it started on September 13 and ended on September 15 including a weekend.

比如,2019 年中国法定的中秋小长假放假时间,从 9 月 13 日开始,含周末在内,到 9 月 15 日结束。

China Mid-Autumn Festival 2019, China Mid-Autumn Festival Long Weekend Holidays 2019, Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 Long Weekend

As in 2020, since the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day of this year fell on the same day, their long weekend holidays were also combined into an 8-day long weekend vacation. People could enjoy holidays from October 1 to October 8 in China 2020, then back to work on October 9 but complying with the arrangement of two working days in lieu specified on September 27 and October 10.

到了 2020 年,由于这一年的中秋节恰好和中国的国庆是同一天,因此 2020 年的中秋节小长假也与国庆假期(俗称黄金周)合并为了一个长达 8 天的国庆中秋超长小长假。放假时间从 10 月 1 日至 10 月 8 日结束,10 月 9 日恢复上班(9 月 27 日和 10 月 8 日调休)。

For more, please check out the following calendar table.


The Rituals of China Mid-Autumn Festival


May you enjoy the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival as well as the bilingual story.

And Happy China Mid-Autumn Festival to All of You & Families !!!

Don't Forget to Try A Piece of Moon Cake!   😀

Calendar of China Mid-Autumn Festival


(Jié rì míng)
(Rì qī)
中秋节 2019
(Zhōng qiū jié)
Mid-Autumn Festival 2019
9月13日 星期五
(9 yuè 13 rì xīng qī 5)
Friday, September 13, 2019
中秋节 2020
(Zhōng qiū jié)
Mid-Autumn Festival 2020
10月1日 星期四
(10 yuè 1 rì xīng qī 4)
Thursday, October 1, 2020
中秋节 2021
(Zhōng qiū jié)
Mid-Autumn Festival 2021
9月21日 星期二
(9 yuè 21 rì xīng qī 2)
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
中秋节 2022
(Zhōng qiū jié)
Mid-Autumn Festival 2022
9月10日 星期六
(9 yuè 10 rì xīng qī 6)
Saturday, September 10, 2022
中秋节 2023
(Zhōng qiū jié)
Mid-Autumn Festival 2023
9月29日 星期五
(9 yuè 29 rì xīng qī 5)
Friday, September 29, 2023
中秋节 2024
(Zhōng qiū jié)
Mid-Autumn Festival 2024
9月17日 星期二
(9 yuè 17 rì xīng qī 2)
Tuesday, September 17, 2024
中秋节 2025
(Zhōng qiū jié)
Mid-Autumn Festival 2025
10月6日 星期一
(10 yuè 6 rì xīng qī 1)
Monday, October 1, 2025
(Jià qī míng)
(Qǐ zhǐ rì qī)
Start~End Date
(Tiáo xiū ān pái)
中秋小长假 2019
(Zhōng qiū xiǎo cháng jià)
Mid-Autumn Festival Holidays 2019
(9 yuè 13 rì ~ 15 rì)
Sep 13 ~ Sep 15
Friday ~ Sunday

中秋小长假 2020
(Zhōng qiū xiǎo cháng jià)
Mid-Autumn Festival Holidays 2020
(10 yuè 1 rì ~ 8 rì)
Oct 1 ~ Oct 8
Thursday ~ Saturday
9月27日 周日 上班
(9 yuè 27 ri, zhōu rì, shàng bān)
Work on Sunday, Sep 27

10月10日 周六 上班
(10 yuè 10 ri, zhōu 6, shàng bān)
Work on Saturday, Oct 10

中秋小长假 2021
(Zhōng qiū xiǎo cháng jià)
Mid-Autumn Festival Holidays 2021
(9 yuè 19 rì ~ 21 rì)
Sep 19 ~ Sep 21
Sunday ~ Tuesday
9月18日 周六 上班
(9 yuè 18 ri, zhōu 6, shàng bān)
Work on Saturday, Sep 18

9月26日 周日 上班
(9 yuè 26 ri, zhōu rì, shàng bān)
Work on Sunday, Sep 26

中秋小长假 2022
(Zhōng qiū xiǎo cháng jià)
Mid-Autumn Festival Holidays 2022
(Dài dìng)
To Be Determined
(Dài dìng)
To Be Determined

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