"When westerners are high on "Xue Hua Piao Piao, Bei Feng Xiao Xiao" sourced from a classic Chinese song, Chinese netizens are now talking about another Child song "Little White Boat" appearing in a new hitting Chinese Web drama, recently released on China's iQiyi platform.

This latest suspense Chinese Web drama "The Bad Kids" has called more and more people's attention in China 2020 and been widely discussed on China's Internet and various social platforms. Although the China Web series hasn't yet been released on any overseas platforms out of China, you may get to know it in advance from the following brief introduction."


|  中国热门网剧《隐蔽的角落》今年夏天霸屏了

English Words:       The Bad Kids

Chinese Pinyin:      Huài xiǎo hái

Chinese Characters:  坏小孩

Related Chinese Words:   
    网剧 (Wǎngjù)| Web series played on online video streaming platforms.
    电视剧 (Diànshì jù)| TV series or TV drama to be watched on Television.
    悬疑 (Xuányí) | Suspense
    推理 (Tuīlǐ)| Reasoning
    小说 (Xiǎoshuō)| Novel

Latest Hot Chinese Web Drama in China 2020, The Bad Kids, yin bi de jiao luo, the hidden corner

The Bad Kids V.S. The Hidden Corner

| 《坏小孩》与《隐蔽的角落》

Latest Hot Chinese Web Drama in China 2020, The Bad Kids, yin bi de jiao luo, the hidden corner

A Chinese web drama called "隐蔽的角落 (yǐn bì de jiǎo luò)" in Simplified Chinese (the current English name as "The Bad Kids"or "Cat's Cradle") hit China's Internet, as the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Holidays approaching in this summer of 2020.

临近中国传统端午佳节时, 一部名为《隐蔽的角落》的中国网络剧集(英文名为"The Bad Kids", 又名 “Cat's Cradle”)在这个夏天、在中国的互联网上霸屏了。

Unexpectedly, this latest Chinese web drama has quickly caught many people's eyes with an impressive opening trailer of a scenic murdering plot, when it was landed on China's hot video streaming platform "iQiyi" on the first day. And it results in many funny Internet memes and hot punchlines like "Let's climb mountains together" and "A horrible child song called Little White Boat" and so on.


This Chinese TV Series Hitting in China

| 《隐蔽的角落》在中国热播

Although this Chinese web drama only produced a total of 12 episodes and a short 10-day online playing period, it has surprisingly occupied most of the hot topics on China's social platforms in the summer 2020. With the help of its high search volume, various keywords around this web drama "The Bad Kids" has ranked top on Weibo's Most Searched Hashtags for more than 50 times, called a lot of Chinese netizens' attention, driving them to repost actively and go further discussions with others.

共 12 集的剧集长度、短短 10 天的网络播放周期,这部中国网剧却在播出期间几乎占据了 2020 年夏天中国社交平台上大部分的话题,搜索热度高居不下,并连续登上微博热搜榜 50 多次,引发了中国网友们的广泛关注、转发和热议。

Many audiences have highly praised this Chinese web series. More than 370,000 users have rated it four or five-star on China's Douban platform (China's interest-based social platform on lifestyle/culture/movie/music/book and more), 91.9% of them to recommend it. And the web drama has ever won as higher as 9.2 of the average score on Douban, better than the most of others on the platform.

不少观众都对这部网剧给予了高度的评价。在中国豆瓣平台上,超过 37 万用户打出了四星和五星评分,用户推荐度高达 91.9%,并一度获得最高豆瓣评分 9.2 分。

Latest Hot Chinese Web Drama in China 2020, The Bad Kids, yin bi de jiao luo, the hidden corner

What Story Is Told by This Hitting Chinese Web Series? (No Spoilers)

| 《隐蔽的角落》之无剧透介绍

"隐蔽的角落" is the official Chinese name of this web drama released in Chinese mainland, literally meaning the hidden corner. One the other hand, the name " 坏小孩 (The Bad Kids)" actually refers to the name of its original novel, which is a suspense and reasoning story written by a famous Chinese writer Zi Jinchen, and then adapted to this Chinese web drama.


Latest Hot Chinese Web Drama in China 2020, The Bad Kids, yin bi de jiao luo, the hidden corner

After carefully adapted and polished, the Chinese web drama "The Bad Kids" tells a story of three kids from a hot wet seaside city in China who have recorded a murdering case with camera by chance in the scenic spot of Liufeng Mountains (actually existing in China), and then their adventures and their mixing with the murderer, all happened in the summer of 2005.

这部经过认真改编和反复打磨的网剧,讲述了在 2005 年的夏天,在中国某个湿热的海滨小城内,三个孩子在六峰山景区(真实存在)游玩时无意间录下了一宗景区谋杀案的过程,而由此展开了一段三个小孩与杀手之间不断周旋和冒险的故事。

Without following a regular suspense model and tricks, this Chinese web series clearly shows the killer and his impressive murdering process in the opening. Every audience could know who was the criminal and what he did to deaths, but they couldn't know what the following would happen. The scenic murdering case is just the very beginning of the whole story.


"The kids are the most able to keep a secret", as described on the poster of this Chinese web drama issued by the iQiyi platform. And all plots of this web drama also prove it perfectly. However, the one who keeps a secret may not be able to keep some other things he has.

“小孩是最能守住秘密的人”, 爱奇艺平台发放的该剧宣传海报中如是描述着。全剧也至始至终都完美地演绎了这一点。但守得住秘密的人,却未必能守住其他的一些东西。

Latest Hot Chinese Web Drama in China 2020, The Bad Kids, yin bi de jiao luo, the hidden corner

Why Is this C-Drama So Hot in China?

| 《隐蔽的角落》为何在中国爆火?

Although the story is slightly absurd and incredible, its undoubtedly a great Chinese web drama. There are many factors and reasons pushing the drama successfully into the list of China's top hitting web dramas in 2020. For example, such as the real Chinese life in old times it presented, nostalgia and film-like picture, full stuff's wonderful performances including the three kids, and many tiny foreshadowings and details, all above of which are worth watching and have attracted wider audiences.

本剧讲述的故事虽然略荒诞,但剧中无处不流露的真实生活气息,怀旧+电影般的画面质感,全员演技派的精彩演绎,众多值得回味的伏笔和细节,都无疑将《隐蔽的角落》这部网剧成功推向了 2020 年中国最火网剧排行榜的名单之中。

What's more, as more plots revealed, the web drama also arouses people's discussions about original families, the relationship between kids and their parents, good and evil, lies and betrayals, kids' childhood, and more thoughts on human nature but regardless of the age.


Latest Hot Chinese Web Drama in China 2020, The Bad Kids, yin bi de jiao luo, the hidden corner

As of June 25, 2020 (UTC+8), full 12 episodes of this web drama, with Chinese subtitles only,  have been released on China's iQiyi platform. First 8 episodes are time-limited-free to watch for all iQiyi users, while all are available for VIPs. Hope the overseas version of this great Chinese web drama with English subtitles could come soon.

截至北京时间 2020 年 6 月 25 日,《隐蔽的角落》已经在爱奇艺平台上放出了完整的、带有中文字幕的全 12 集剧集。前 8 集已陆续放出供大家免费观看(有限时间段内),而成为中国爱奇艺平台的 VIP 付费会员后可立即享受到看完整部剧集的福利。期望未来很快可以看到带有英文字幕的海外版本。

In addition, if you are watching this Chinese web drama now, you'd better turn off the "auto-skip the opening and ending" feature. it is because that you mustn't miss other highlights this web drama provided, including the meaningful animation in the opening, and 10 great ending songs which perfectly fit the plot of each episode, as well as the bonus after the credits coming with some individual episode.

另外,值得注意的是,若你正在观看这部中国网剧,建议关闭“自动跳过片头片尾”的功能,因为该网剧里有寓意的片头动画、不固定却贴合剧情的 10 首片尾曲,以及个别剧集自带的彩蛋,也是不容错过的精彩之一。

Latest Hot Chinese Web Drama in China 2020, The Bad Kids, yin bi de jiao luo, the hidden corner

Have you ever heard about or watched this latest hot Chinese web drama "The Three Kids" recently? Feel free to leave any thoughts below and share with others.


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