Look for legal Chinese TV streaming Apps with English subtitles to watch China dramas, TV shows & movies? Here is the list of four top best Chinese TV streaming apps 2019 that most Chinese locals are using nowadays. They also should be the must-have tools for Chinese language learners. ”


|  海外可看英文字幕的中国四大追剧 APPs


English Words:       Top Best Chinese TV Streaming APPs 2019

Chinese Pinyin:      Zhōng Guó Zhuī Jù APPs

Chinese Characters:  2019年最佳中国追剧 APPs

Similar Chinese Words:   
    中国追剧神器 (zhōngguó zhuījù shénqì)| Best Chinese TV streaming apps to watch China TV series.
Related Chinese Words:   
    优爱腾 (yōu ài téng)| A collectively name of the top three Chinese TV streaming apps.
    字幕 (zìmù)| Subtitles.
Related App: 
    爱奇艺 (ài qí yì)| iQiyi, one of best Chinese TV streaming apps 2019. 
    腾讯视频 (téngxùn shìpín)| Tencent video, one of the best Chinese TV streaming apps 2019 owned by Tencent. 
    优酷 (yōu kù) | Youku, one of the best Chinese TV streaming apps 2019.

New Approaches on Chinese TV Streaming Apps 2019.

| 中国在线视频应用新途径

Although being able to install Chinese TV streaming apps in App stores, it is still difficult for oversea users to watch the latest Chinese TV series, China web dramas or TV shows out of China.


The first reason is the content-copyright restrictions in the Chinese TV streaming apps. Most of Chinese dramas and TV shows are not allowed to be watched at the regions out of China synchronously while they are available in the domestic Chinese TV streaming apps and websites.


Secondly, insufficient English subtitles in Chinese TV streaming apps caused watching barriers for oversea viewers.


Additionally, the updates of Chinese dramas & TV shows uploaded on either YouTube or other oversea streaming sites are not always sustained or full-content as much as they did in the domestic Chinese TV streaming apps or websites .

无论是在 YouTube 或者其他一些渠道,还存在更新不连贯、不全面的的现象。

However, things are clearly getting changed in the year 2019.


The Chinese OTT Giants, such as iQiyi and Tencent video, etc, who occupied the leading Chinese TV streaming apps and websites, have all decided to enlarge their online video and TV streaming business to the global areas, aiming to the oversea markets.

以爱奇艺和腾讯视频为代表的中国 OTT 视频播放巨头都决定将其业务扩大到全球领域,不约而同地开始进军海外市场。

The first thing for them is to release international versions of Chinese TV streaming apps in oversea App stores, with multiple interface languages, English and more localized subtitles supported.


Why Chinese TV Streaming Apps’ International Editions Better For Overseas?

| 为什么国际版的中国视频应用对海外追剧党更好?

Top Best Chinese TV Streaming Apps and Platforms

Three Chinese TV streaming apps and websites collectively named with “优爱腾 (yōu ài téng)” in Chinese are actually the top first echelon of the online video streaming service providers in China’s OTT market. They are referring to the three Chinese tech companies: iQiyi (爱奇艺), Tencent Video (腾讯视频) and Youku (优酷).

在中国,“优爱腾” 这三家在线视频播放平台是中国 OTT 市场上名副其实的第一梯队,它们指的是:中国的爱奇艺、腾讯视频和优酷这三家平台。

According to the latest statistics from “2019 China Network Audiovisual Development Research Report”, the overall user penetration rate of those three best Chinese TV streaming apps “优爱腾 (yōu ài téng)” has reached as higher as 80.2% of the Chinese market.


These top best Chinese TV streaming apps 2019 and websites do have some similarities, such as:


  • Each is backed by one of China tech giants, saying “BAT” companies, all with strong financial support.
  • Each has plenty of exclusive copyrighted video contents, such as self-produced Chinese web dramas, films and TV shows.
  • Each is running a mature paywall for online video contents and VIP memberships. On the other side, free registered users can still enjoy quite a lot video contents that are free to all registered members after sign in Chinese TV streaming apps.
  • Each is working on streaming diversified video contents, not only producing long videos like China dramas and Chinese TV shows, but also offering Chinese documentaries, animations, game videos, live streaming, short videos, etc in the Chinese TV streaming apps.
  • Most of them have begun to aim oversea markets and to stream superior Chinese original video contents to global users by releasing their own international editions of localized Chinese TV streaming apps 2019.

What Benefits That Overseas Will Get From Chinese TV Streaming Apps?

| 海外观众可享有哪些好处?

  • For overseas’ better watching experience in top Chinese TV streaming apps, multiple-language subtitles are available to select and switch in their international versions. This feature will be absolutely beneficial both for the international viewers and everything-about-China enthusiasts as well as many Chinese language learners, because it is a perfect way to get to know latest Chinese entertainment, Chinese life and to learn Chinese by watching online Chinese TV series, movies and shows through Chinese TV streaming apps.
  • Continuously-updating and legal video streaming services provided in the best Chinese TV streaming apps 2019.
  • At least two different interface languages supported by the international versions of Chinese TV streaming apps: English and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), etc.
  • Stream the latest fresh Chinese dramas and TV shows simultaneously within both domestic and international editions of Chinese TV streaming apps in the near future.

However, these best Chinese TV streaming apps do not provide all completely free video contents to oversea audiences.


As the same as what they did in domestic Chinese TV streaming apps in China,  oversea users can choose to be a free registered member or a VIP member with recurring subscription payment. The differences between a registered member and a VIP are that the latter one can unlock more superior video contents and more benefits exclusively-opened for VIPs.

同中国内的在线视频客户端一样,海外用户可以选择成为免费的注册会员,或者是定期付费的 VIP 会员。区别在于后者可以享受更多专为 VIP 会员开放的内容和福利。


Introduce Four Top Best Chinese TV Streaming Apps for Overseas

| 介绍中国四大在线视频应用

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