"Chinese New Year, the traditional Chinese festival for the New Year celebration. ChinaClife Wishes You a Happy Chinese New Year, with great fortune and healthy life! May all the things go smoothly in the new year."


|   祝您春节快乐!

Target Story Words in English:       Chinese New Year / Spring Festival

Story Words in Chinese Pinyin:       Zhōng Guó Xīn Nián / Chūn Jié

Story Words in Standard Chinese:     中国新年 / 春节

Similar Chinese Words:   
    中国年 (Zhōngguó Nián)| Chinese New Year.
    春节 (Chūn jié)| Spring Festival in China.
Related Chinese Words:   
    除夕 (Chúxī)| Chinese New Year's eve, or called "Chuxi".
    除夕夜 (Chúxī Yè)| The night of Chinese New Year's eve, or called "Chuxi Night".

Pronunciation of Target Story Words in Chinese

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Table of Contents

Happy Chinese New Year

| 新年快乐

Happy Chinese New Year 2019!
Happy Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year, Spring Festival

Feb. 5, 2019, is the first day of the Chinese new year festival in the Chinese calendar, or you may know it as "the Spring Festival". Chinese people always enjoy this big holiday event by a reunion with whole families together and start at least a seven-day-long celebration since the Chinese New Year's eve.

New Year Wishes

Chinese New Year Wishes for You

| 新年祝福

Here ChinaClife wishes everyone to enjoy the great Chinese New Year Festival as the Chinese did.
May you have great fortune and healthy life, and all the things go smoothly in the new year. 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year 2019!!!


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