Schedule: Chinese Public Holidays And Festivals Calendar 2021

2021 年的中国放假日历

Do you know China's annual announcement of Chinese Public Holidays and Festivals for the next year? Usually, it is released at the end of the year to help people make acknowledgment of the Chinese Public Holidays and Festivals Calendar for the New Year, such as 2021. To view the full Chinese Public Holidays Calendar 2021, continue the following.

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公共假期 gōng gòng jià qī Legal Public Holidays in Chinese.

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节日 jié rì Festival in standard Chinese (Putonghua or Standard Mandarin).
日历 rì lì Calendar in standard Chinese (Putonghua or Standard Mandarin).
调休 tiáo xiū Working day in lieu, or working day adjustment in China.

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China's Important Holidays & Festivals 2021

2021 年中国重要节假日

The year 2020 is gradually going to an end. And the nearest traditional Chinese festival "Yuandan" is on its way now.

2020 年已逐渐接近尾声。下一个最近的中国传统佳节“元旦”即将来临。

Recently, China has officially announced the latest arrangement of Chinese public holidays, legal festivals, and related working-day adjustments in 2021. The Chinese calendar 2021 includes the most important Chinese festivals either traditional or modern ones, such as Chinese Yuandan, Qingming, Labor Day, Dragon Boat, Mid-autumn, and also the National day festival.

现在,中国官方已发布了 2021 年中国主要法定节假日的放假及调休日期的具体时间安排。包括中国最重要的几大传统节日和现代法定节假日,如元旦、春节、清明节、劳动节、端午节、中秋节和国庆节。

Among the above Chinese festivals and holidays, two of the "big" festivals are the Chinese Spring Festival and National Day with at least 7-day long holidays, and the other five are all belong to traditional Chinese festivals, usually lasting for 3 days.


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Check out Chinese Public Holidays and Festivals 2021

查看 2021 年中国公众假期

January: Chinese Yuandan Festival & Yuandan Long Weekend Holidays


Yuandan is one of the traditional festivals for Chinese people to celebrate New Year's day, based on the solar calendar.


The Yuandan Long Weekend Holidays will last for 3 days from January 1st to 3rd in 2021.

2021 年的元旦,从 2021 年  1 月 1 日至 3 日,共放假 3 天。

Chinese Yuandan Festival and Holidays Calendar 2021

February: Chinese Spring Festival & Chinese New Year Holidays


The Spring Festival is actually the real Chinese celebration for the New Year, which is defined based on the Chinese calendar (the lunisolar calendar). It's absolutely the most important Chinese festival and "big days" for all Chinese people, none of the others beyond.


Their preparation and celebrations for this big festival are even earlier than the legal holidays scheduled. The Chinese Spring Festival and Holidays in 2021 will start on February 11th and ends on February 17th, lasting 7 days long but with two working-day adjustments separately on February 7th (Sunday) and 20th (Saturday).

人们筹备和庆贺春节的时间甚至远早于国家法定的春节放假时间。而 2021 年的中国春节长假将始于 2 月 11 日,止于同月的 17 日,假期长达 7 天,但需分别在 2 月 7 日和 2 月 20 日上班(调休日)。

Chinese Spring Festival and Holidays Calendar 2021, Chinese New Year 2021

April: Chinese Qingming Festival & Qingming Long Weekend Holidays


Qingming Festival, known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in China, is a big family event for the Chinese to perform memorial rituals to dead families and dead people. They usually sweep the graves, offer food in front of gravestones, burn incense and ghost money, and more, as Chinese traditional forms of praying for the dead at the cemetery, in order to show their respect and remembrance to the dead.


The Qingming Long Weekend Holidays in 2021 will last for 3 days from April 3rd to 5th.

2021 年的清明节小长假,从 2021 年  4 月 3 日至 5 日放假,共 3 天。

Chinese Qingming Festival and Holidays Calendar 2021

May: Chinese Labor Day Festival & Its Long Weekend Holidays


The origin of the Chinese Labor Day Festival counts for the Chinese people's celebration of International Labour Day.


The Chinese Labor Day's Long Weekend Holidays in 2021 will last for 5 days from May 1st to 5th, with two working-day adjustments separately on April 25th (Sunday) and May 8th (Saturday).

2021 年的中国五一小长假,从 2021 年 5 月 1 日至 5 日,共放假 5 天。4 月 25 日(星期日)和 5 月 8 日(星期六)作为调休日上班。

Chinese Labor Day Festival and Labor Day's Long Weekend Holidays Calendar 2021

June: Chinese Duanwu Festival & Dragon Boat Long Weekend Holidays


Duanwu Festival, as one of the oldest traditional Chinese festivals, has already had a history of over two thousand years since ancient China, which now has become one of the most important Chinese legal festivals and public holidays.


The Duanwu Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, is usually calculated based on the Chinese calendar (lunisolar calendar). As of the Chinese Duanwu Dragon Boat Festival in 2021, its long weekend holidays will last for 3 days from June 12th to 14th in 2021.

端午节,也称作龙舟节,通常按中国农历来推算日期。2021 年的端午节,从 2021 年  6 月 12 日至 14 日放假,共 3 天。

Chinese Duanwu Festival and Labor Day's Long Weekend Holidays Calendar 2021, Chinese Dragon Boat Festival 2021, Chinese Dragon Boat Holidays Calendar 2021

September: Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival & Its Long Weekend Holidays


In China, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival refers to the 15th day of August in the Chinese calendar each year, which is just in the middle of the fall season. That's why this festival is usually called 中秋 (zhōng qiū)China’s Mid-Autumn Festival.


Chinese Mid-autumn Festival and its Long Weekend Holidays in 2021 will last for 3 days from September 19th to 21st, lasting 3 days. But people have to go to work on September 18th (Saturday) due to the working day adjustment.

2021 年的中秋节,从 2021 年  9 月 19 日放假至 21 日,共 3 天。但 9 月 18 日(星期六)则为调休日需要上班。

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and Mid-Autumn Long Weekend Holidays Calendar 2021

October: Chinese National Day Festival & Golden Week Holidays


In China, the Chinese National Day Holidays aren't only referring to the day on October 1st, but usually include a continuous-seven-day public holiday celebration starting from October 1st to the end of October 7th. Due to the long period of vocation, it is more often called 黄金周 (Huáng jīn zhōu), the Chinese golden week in Chinese.

在中国,国庆节假期并非专指十月一日这一天,而是通常包含了从 10 月 1 日起至 10 月 7 日结束的、长达连续一周的公众假期。由于超长的假期时间段,常被称作中国的“黄金周”。

The calendar of Chinese National Day's Golden Week Holidays in 2021 is also arranged as the above. Additionally, two days separately on September 26th (Sunday) and October 9 (Saturday) requires people to go back to work due to the working-day adjustments.

2021 年中国国庆黄金周的假期时间也作如是安排。而 9 月 26 日(星期日)、10 月 9 日(星期六)则作为调休日需上班。

Chinese National Day Festival and National Day Golden Week Holidays Calendar 2021

Calendar: Chinese Public Holidays and Festivals 2021


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