|  国际游客怎样设置和使用微信支付(国际银行卡版)

How to activate and set up WeChat Pay by adding international credit cards for international tourists

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What Is "WeChat Pay"?

| 什么是“微信支付”?

"微信支付" (WeChat Pay), as its Chinese name implies, can be interpreted as "用微信支付 (pay with WeChat)" or "通过微信来付钱/支付账单 (use WeChat to pay/pay bills)" in Chinese. If you have no idea about WeChat, you may get to know it by reading the story about What is WeChat and How to Register a WeChat account for Newbies from our website.


WeChat Pay is actually referring to the WeChat Wallet function which is integrated into China's most popular social and instant messaging tool "WeChat". WeChat users can bind WeChat account with their legal and valid private debit or credit cards, which could enable them to pay bills via smartphone, transfer money between two WeChat accounts, receive or pay money online, etc.


According to the latest data reported, the total registered accounts of both 微信 (Wēixìn, for China) and WeChat (For International) has reached 1.2 billion worldwide. Certainly, the Chinese users constitute the majority of them. So to WeChat Pay, it consequently has got a fairly wide user base in China too.


In a long time, WeChat Pay is alway the highlight feature that could be used flexibly by many Chinese people. It has been hard for  foreigners, meaning the international users, to experience the WeChat Pay function in China due to lack of Chinese bank cards. But things has started to be changed since the year 2019.

一直以来,微信支付一直是无数中国用户可以灵活使用的亮点功能。对“老外”即国际用户来说,由于没有中国银行卡,他们很难在中国用上微信支付。但是,从 2019 年开始,情况开始转变了。

Since the end of 2019 to the present, WeChat has started to allow users to bind WeChat account with International Credit Cards which are issued overseas by five international organizations including Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress (AMEX), Discover Global Network (Diners Club included), and JCB. To be noted that, WeChat only supports their international credit cards currently, not the debit cards.

从 2019年底至今,微信开始支持来自 Visa, Mastercard、 AmericanExpress (AMEX)、 Discover Global Network (含 Diners Club)、 JCB 五大国际卡组织在中国境外开办的国际信用卡与微信支付绑定和在微信支付时使用。目前,微信支付仅支持绑定以上国际信用卡,非储蓄卡。

Moreover, you can link these international credit cards above issued by banks outside Mainland China with your WeChat, but cannot link single-currency cards issued by banks within Mainland China.


And what you should pay attention to is that such a solution of WeChat Pay plus International Credit Cards supports a limited scenarios at present, including buying high-speed railway tickets at 12306 website or its app, paying car sharing service like DiDi, online shopping at, ordering travel items at, etc. Hope it could be expanded to more consumption scenarios in the future.

需要注意的是,目前国际信用卡+微信支付这一方案所支持的消费场景种类有限。目前已支持包括在中国的 12306 平台或应用中购票(如高铁票)、滴滴出行、京东在线购物、携程旅游预订等等。希望未来扩充更多使用场景。

What Benefits Shall We Get From WeChat Pay?

| 微信支付带来哪些好处?

If you are an international user, you can bind designated international credit cards in your WeChat account and then enjoy the following benefits, including but not limited to:


  • Go shopping online on E-commerce platforms or apps, like, Suning, and Missfresh.
  • Go shopping offline at stores and supermarkets, like Walmart, Yonghui, Carrefour, RT-Mart, Watsons, Meiyijia, FamilyMart, and 7 Eleven.
  • Enjoy food & drinks at McDonald's, KFC, and Starbucks.
  • Buy high-speed railway tickets and train tickets on, order travel services on platforms or apps, like Huazhu, Home Inn, Airbnb, Ctrip, and Tujia.
    购买高铁票、火车票或订购旅游服务,如 (购买高铁票)、华住酒店、如家、爱彼迎 (Airbnb)、携程、途家网;
  • Enjoy ride-hailing (hitch) and car-sharing service like Didi, or other public transportations at some subways, buses and bus terminals.
  • Top up for a Chinese Phone number or enjoy other services at local communication platforms, like China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.
  • Pay at local gas stations, like Sinopec and PetroChina.
  • Pay for medical expenses at some local hospitals.

One More Thing: to activate WeChat Pay could "strengthen" your WeChat account to some extent,  that is,  make both you and your WeChat more reliable, trustworthy than ever before and so that to avoid being blocked by WeChat Team for some reasons.


Who Is Applied To This Guide?

| 本教程适用的群体?

The following guide may applies to:


A. Those who have already registered a valid personal WeChat account.

A. 已注册并获得一个有效的微信号;

B. Those who are or are is in China now or willing to go traveling to mainland China in the near future.

B. 正在中国或即将前往中国大陆地区旅游;

C. Those who have already had a personal passport and China Entry Visa as well.

C. 拥有有效的个人护照和中国签证;

D. Those who don't have any Chinese bank account or Chinese bank cards, but have one or more international credit cards supported by WeChat.

D. 没有中国银行卡,但拥有微信支持的国际信用卡。


How to Set up WeChat Pay by Adding International Credit Cards?

| 怎样用国际信用卡设置微信支付?

Take an iPhone device as an example. The steps are quite similar on other smartphones.

以下步骤,以 iPhone 手机为例。其他智能手机上的操作步骤与其类似。

Before you start, please make sure you have the following items prepared:


  1. A smartphone installed the latest WeChat app, and a valid personal WeChat account to login.
    Note: It is quite important and necessary to upgrade to the latest version of WeChat. Otherwise some error may occur when linking an international credit card in WeChat.
    To register a WeChat account, please read our WeChat Sign-up guide here.
  2. At least one valid and WeChat-supported international bank card.
  3. The valid Passport and China Entry VISA you have applied for, required for Real-Name authentication.

Step 01





Step 01.   Upgrade WeChat and Go Wallet

| 步骤一、 先升级微信,再进入微信钱包

How to activate and set up WeChat Pay by adding international credit cards for international tourists

Firstly, please make sure you have upgraded your WeChat to the latest version.


Then launch your WeChat app, go to "Me", tap "WeChat Pay" - "Wallet" - "Cards" in order and go into the Cards list interface. Here you may see thumbnails and partial infos indicating the bank cards you have band successfully with WeChat account.

然后启动微信,进入 “我的” 界面,依次点击 “支付” - “钱包” - “银行卡”,进入银行卡列表界面。在这里,你可以看到所有已经和微信绑定成功的银行卡缩略图和部分信息。

We recommend you to install “微信” Weixin instead of WeChat since some users feedback that they could't see Wallet in WeChat (the international version). In the case, you may try to change the WeChat language into the Simplified Chinese by tapping "Me" - "Settings" - "General" - "Language" in order to activate the Wallet function, and then switch back to English or Other language you are familiar with in the same way.

建议你安装微信应用更胜于 WeChat 因为据部分用户反馈在 WeChat (微信国际版)中没发现“钱包”按钮。这种情况下,你可以尝试点击进入“我的” - “设置” - “通用” - “语言”将微信界面语言切换成简体中文来激活钱包功能,之后再同理切换回英文或其他你熟悉的界面语言。

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