Fast Memorize Chinese Names of Toes and Feet Parts with Brief Explanations


Following the previous story of Tips for Memorizing Full Names of Hand Parts/Knuckles/Fingers in Chinese Language, let's continue to tell other body parts in Chinese. Keep reading the following story to learn how to call foot or feet parts in Chinese, including, foot/feet, toes, heel, etc.

Target Story Words

English Words:

Chinese Pinyin:

Standard Chinese:

Similar Chinese Words:
jiǎo Foot or Feet in Chinese.
双脚 shuāng jiǎo Two feet in Chinese.

Related Chinese Words:
身体部位 shēn tǐ bù wèi Body Parts in Chinese.
zhú The official Chinese name of foot or feet.
shǒu The official Chinese name of hand or hands.

Chinese Words Pronunciation

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What Are the Toes Called in Chinese?


Memorize Chinese Names of Toes

In Chinese language, two homophonic Chinese characters are used as the core keywords to address fingers and toes of a human body in Chinese respectively. The Chinese character (zhǐ) has the completely same pronunciation as the finger's Chinese name (zhǐ), but is written differently. This character of "趾" refers exclusively to the toes on foot.


As we know how to call fingers in the Chinese language from the previous story, all Chinese names of fingers and hand parts consist of the core characters like (shǒu) or (zhǐ). The toes and feet parts do have the similarities in Chinese naming. Almost all Chinese words containing such core characters like (jiǎo) or (zhǐ) are referring to the feet parts.


What's more, the Chinese names of toes seem to be much easier to memorize than finger names because most of them are named in sequence of numbers. Let's jump right in to the follow topic.


How The Toes Called in Chinese?


Big Toe or Great Toe in Chinese


The Chinese name of Big Toe 大拇趾 (dà mǔ zhǐ) pronounces exactly the same as that of Thumb Finger in Chinese 大拇指 (dà mǔ zhǐ), with only difference in the writing of ending characters between and for differentiations of hand or foot parts.


As the first and the thickest toe on the foot, the big toe can also be called as 大脚趾 (dà jiǎo zhǐ) in spoken Chinese, equal to the meaning of big toe.


Little Toe or Baby Toe in Chinese


The Chinese name 小拇趾 (xiǎo mǔ zhǐ) refers to the smallest fifth toe standing at end of the foot, with a Chinese name similar to the Little Finger 小拇指 (dà mǔ zhǐ) but only replacing the ending character by .


The Chinese character is used to indicate the toes, and the character (xiǎo) is used to describe the small shape/size/volume, opposite to the character of (dà). Certainly, you can also speak the baby toe in Chinese as 小脚趾 (xiǎo jiǎo zhǐ).


Since the toes are mentioned much less frequently than fingers in life, except for the big and small toes, the rest toes are just naming in the numeral sequence,  which are much more simple than that of fingers in Chinese.


The Second Toe in Chinese


The Chinese name 第二趾 (dì èr zhǐ), shortened as 二趾 (èr zhǐ) in Chinese, is the second toe standing next to the Big Toe.


The Chinese word 第二 (dì èr) means the second and (èr) is how we usually write the number two in simplified Chinese, that is, the lowercase or simplified Chinese number two.

开头的汉语词语“第二”指第二的意思,其中“二”是数字 2 的简体中文书写方法,即中文小写数字二。

The Third Toe or Middle Toe in Chinese


The Chinese name 第三趾 (dì sān zhǐ) can be shortened as 三趾 (sān zhǐ) in Chinese, referring to the Third Toe counting in order from the Big Toe.


The Chinese word 第三 (dì sān) is equal to the third in Chinese, and (sān) is certainly how we write the number three in simplified Chinese, that is, the lowercase or simplified Chinese number of three.

开头的汉语词语“第三”指第三的意思,其中“三”是数字 3 的简体中文书写方法,即中文小写数字三。

The Fourth Toe in Chinese


The Chinese name 第四趾 (dì sì zhǐ) refers to the Fourth Toe if counting orderly from the Great Toe. Since it is closely next to the Little Toe, that's why it also got another calling 次小趾 (cì xiǎo zhǐ) in Chinese.


The Chinese word 第四 (dì sì) means the fourth in Chinese, and (sì) is definitely how we write the number four in simplified Chinese, that is, the lowercase or simplified Chinese number of four.

开头的汉语词语“第四”指第四的意思,其中“四”是数字 4 的简体中文书写方法,即中文小写数字四。

How Shall Call Foot or Feet in Chinese?


It is easier to memorize Chinese names of feet parts than their English names, because their Chinese names all contain a same core character like (jiǎo) or (zhǐ) implying they are related to the foot or toes.


You can roughly guess out the meanings by just a quick glance at their Chinese names, or quickly memorize feet parts' Chinese names by grasping the core characters. Please see below for details.


Memorize Chinese names of foot

To know more Chinese words about body parts, or looking for starting Chinese learning entertainingly, keep an eye on our updating at


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