What Is The Chinese Phrase “Ring In The New Year”?
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What's your plan for the New Year celebration? Who will go with you to ring in the New Year? The story is ready to tell the popular Chinese phrase tied to New Year's Eve and tell you how to say "Ring in the New Year in Chinese". Wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

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新年倒计时 xīn nián dào jì shí New Year's Countdown in Chinese.

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元旦 yuán dàn The first three days of a year based on the solar calendar which is known as Yuandan Festival, one of the traditional Chinese festivals celebrated by all Chinese people around the world.

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Chinese Phrase "Ring In The New Year"?

"Ring In The New Year"的最佳中文表达

Popular Chinese Phrase Ring in the New Year

After Christmas and Christmas Eve passed, the New Year Celebration should have raised in place to your next-up plan. And as we head into the New Year, the phrase "ring in the New Year" almost appears everywhere you see or hear. Then how do we say it in Standard Chinese, or Putonghua you've probably known about?

圣诞节和平安夜过后,该是将新年庆祝活动提上日程了。在即将迈入新年时,几乎处处都能听见人们提起“ring in the New Year”这样的话。若用中文的话,该用什么词句来表达“ring in the New Year”?

Generally speaking, the most commonly used Chinese phrase for "ring in the New Year" is quite shorter than its English, including an elementary Chinese character you must have been familiar with - corresponding to the English word "Year" - (nián) in Chinese.

一般来说,中文里仅用较短的两个字来表达“ring in the New Year”,其中包含一个“年”字。你或许已经十分熟悉的这个基础的汉字了,它对应的是英文里的单词“Year”。

Then a Chinese verb word (kuà), associating with those behaviors like "straddle" or "big step across something", is putting behind the year word , sothat comes into a new Chinese phrase 跨年 (kuà nián). Now guess it should not be difficult for you to catch its meaning, that the Chinese phrase 跨年 literally indicates to step into the (New) Year. This is just what we say to "Ring in the New Year".

而另一个动词常和“跨坐”或“大步越过”之类的行为联系起来的“跨”字,被放在“年”前面,组成一个新的中文词语“跨年”。这样一说,应该很容易就能猜出它的含义了。从字面看,“跨年”指的是迈入新的一年,也正是“ring in the New Year”表达的含义。

  • 跨 年 - (kuà nián) - means to ring in the New Year in Standard Chinese (Putonghua)

Come With Related Chinese "New Year's Eve"


Popular Chinese Phrase New Year's Eve tied to Ringing in the New Year

Since it is clear about the phrase "Ring in the New Year", and the Chinese meaning for "Eve" we have got inspired from the Greeting "Merry Christmas Eve" in Chinese, it is simple to make an association of the Chinese phrase for "New Year's Eve".

既然弄清楚了中文说的“跨年”,也从“平安夜快乐”的中文祝福语中了解了“Eve”对应的中文,很容易就能联想到与跨年相关的另一个“New Year's Eve”。

Certainly, you may have been told the New Year's Eve could be turned into Chinese as 新年前夜 or 新年前夕, but it is not the only two nor even the most popular to the New Year's Eve in Chinese.

当然,你可能已经知道“New Year's Eve”翻译成中文是“新年前夜”或“新年前夕”,但它们并不是唯二用来代表“New Year's Eve”的中文短语,也并非是人们最常用的中文表达。

In China, most people would more gladly use another Chinese phrase 跨年夜 (kuà nián yè) standing for the New Year's Eve, which is more smooth and casual for reading and writing. What's more, to title the night before an important festival with a form of X X 夜 is not rare to the Chinese people, e.g. the Chinese New Year's Eve is kindly called as 大年夜 (dà nián yè) which literally means the night before the grand Chinese new year.

在中国,提到“New Year's Eve”,人们更常说的是另一个短语“跨年夜”,毕竟这三个字更加顺口。不仅如此,中国人也很熟悉用“xx夜”的短语结构来称某个重大节日前一晚的这种语言习惯,比如,春节的前一晚就被称作“大年夜”。

  • 跨年夜 - (kuà nián yè) - the most popular phrase stands for New Year's Eve in Chinese (Putonghua)
  • 新年前夜 - (xīn nián qían) - a formal and serious phrase stands for th meaning of New Year's Eve in Chinese (Putonghua)
  • 新年前夕 - (xīn nián qían) - a formal and serious phrase stands for th meaning of New Year's Eve in Chinese (Putonghua)

Tied to Chinese Phrase "Ring In The New Year"


Enjoy your New Year Countdown to 2022,

No matter where you are and who will stand beside you to ring in the New Year!

In the last second of the year,

Wish Everyone a peaceful, healthy new year with tremendous joy!

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