Happy Chinese New Year 2022! Wish You A Wonderful 2022, The Year of The Tiger!


As the 2022 Chinese New Year is around the corner, it's time for us to recap on what we have experienced in the past year and what has actually impressed you the most. And think about your 2022 New Year Resolutions, one of which should be the Standard Chinese Language Learning. 😛

Target Story Words

English Words:

Chinese Pinyin:

Standard Chinese:

Similar Chinese Words:
新年好 xīn nián hǎo The most popular Chinese sentence and wish for Happy Chinese New Year or Happy New Year!

Related Chinese Words:
过年好 guò nián hǎo The spoken Chinese sentence equal to "新年好".

Chinese Words Pronunciation

Chinese Pronunciation on GoogleSay “Happy Chinese New Year” in Putonghua

"Happy Chinese New Year 2022!"

Wish A Wonderful 2022 Year of The Tiger!

祝大家 2022 春节快乐!虎年大吉!

Happy Chinese New Year 2022! Wish A Wonderful 2020 Year of The Tiger!

Wish You All A Wonderful 2022, the Year of the Tiger!

Happy Chinese New Year!

祝大家 2022 虎年大吉!春节快乐!

虎年大吉! (hǔ nián dà jí)

春节快乐! (chūn jié kuài lè)

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