March: New C-Dramas List 2021 Flooding the Screen in China


"New C-Dramas List 2021" refers to the latest new Chinese dramas, Chinese web dramas, and TV series airing online and flooding the screen in March of the year 2021 in China. Picking up great Chinese dramas to watch is a good idea for any Chinese language learners. Start your Chinese learning from the monthly new Chinese dramas now. Enjoy!

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中国剧集 Zhōng guó jǔ jí Chinese dramas/series.

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影视剧 Yǐng shì jù TV series and films.

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爱优腾芒 Dǒu yīn Top 4 of China's most popular video streaming apps including: iQiyi, Tencent Video (WETV), Youku and Mango TV.

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What Is "New C-Dramas 2021"?

“New C-Dramas”是什么?

As we know, "C-Dramas" means Chinese dramas or series, including Chinese web series as well, that were produced and broadcasted in China.

众所周知,“C-Dramas”是指中国制作的、在中国本土播放的中国电视剧 (Zhōng guó diàn shì jù),包括中国网剧。

With so many new C-Dramas releasing every month in China, it's easy to find out the most popular ones and add them to our latest C-Dramas watchlist of the year.


If you love C-Dramas or would like to learn Chinese with the helping of watching Chinese dramas or shows, you cannot ignore our up-to-date C-Drama list as follows. They are not only the newly-released Chinese series in march of 2021, but also the hottest C-Dramas that have won the larger volume of playing on China's most popular video streaming platforms or TV channels at the current.


March: Top 4 New C-Dramas List 2021


Keep reading the following to get the titles and synopsis of the top four new C-Dramas list 2021 in March.


All of them are airing on China's most popular video streaming apps and are available to watch for anyone located in China. For overseas, switching to their international apps or searching on YouTube sounds like a good idea.

位于中国境内的用户可直接通过热门的中国在线视频应用来观看这些剧集,中国以外地区的海外用户可以考虑尝试使用国际版的中国在线视频应用或 YouTube 搜索。


New C-Dramas List No.#1:  Si Teng (Aka. Rattan)

Title: Si Teng (Aka. Rattan)

名 称:司藤

Starrings: Jing Tian, Zhang Binbin

主 演:景甜、张彬彬

Episodes: 30

集 数:30 集

Airing Time: 2021-03-08

播放时间:2021 年 03 月 08 日

Airing On: Youku, iQiyi, Tencent Video


Genres: C-Dramas, Chinese Web Series, Dramas Based on Chinese Novels, Romance, Fantasy,Mystery, Supernatural,Crime

类 型:中国电视剧,中国网剧,(中国 IP)中文小说改编剧,爱情,悬疑,超自然,犯罪

New C-Dramas List 2021, Si Teng

In the course of chasing down clues about the families' benefactor in modern time, a young Chinese architect by the name of Qin Fang (Zhang Binbin) helped resurrect Si Teng (Jing Tian) by accident who has been killed and buried under the ground for decades. The C-drama tells the story that how they started to understand each other, got closer gradually, worked together for overcoming numerous difficulties, finally got stronger and love as well, in the quest for helping Si Teng finding out the truth about her death and fragmented memories of her past life.

青年设计师秦放(张彬彬 饰)在前往中国西部寻找祖上恩人的过程中,意外复活了长眠于地下已沉睡数十年的妖女司藤(景甜 饰)。在帮助司藤寻找前世死亡真相的过程中,两人彼此相知并克服重重阻碍共同成长的故事。


New C-Dramas List No.#2:  You Are My Hero

Title: You Are My Hero (Aka. You Are My City and Fortress)

名 称:你是我的城池营垒

Starrings: Ma Sichun, Bai Jingting

主 演:马思纯、白敬亭

Episodes: 40

集 数:40 集

Airing Time: 2021-03-11

播放时间:2021 年 03 月 11 日

Airing On: Youku, iQiyi, Tencent Video


Genres: C-Dramas, Chinese Web Series, Dramas Based on Chinese Novels, Romance, Modern, Inspirational

类 型:中国电视剧,中国网剧,(中国 IP)中文小说改编剧,爱情,现代,励志

New C-Dramas List 2021

A story that follows Mi Ka, a new resident physician who meets the special ops agent Xing Kelei during an emergency rescue training organized by the SWAT team, who finally falls in love with Mika by the attraction to Mika's brave, strong and selfless personalities.


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