"Several months before, we have introduced a hitting Chinese Web Drama "The Bad Kids" played on iQiyi platform in earlier this year. It was a great Chinese web series worthy of watching but not the only one of the year. According to the third party's latest data, we'll share the following top five most viewed Chinese web series on iQiyi video platform, with their Chinese and English names provided also. "


|  【2020年】爱奇艺人气最高的五大中国网剧

English Words:       The hottest Chinese web series flooded the online screen

Chinese Pinyin:      Bà píng de zhōng guó wǎng jù

Chinese Characters:  霸屏的中国网剧

Similar Chinese Words:   
    网络剧 (Wǎngluò jù)| The web series can be only watched on video streaming platforms or apps online.
    爆剧 (Bào jù)| The Most popular Web/TV series went viral on Internet or offline.
Related Chinese Words:   
    电视剧 (Tiàowǔ)| TV series.
    电视连续剧 (Duǎn Shìpín)| The full name of TV series in Chinese.
    网络播放量(Wǎngluò bōfàng liàng)| View counts, the total numbers of a video viewed online by audiences.
Related App: 
    爱奇艺 (Ài qí yì)| One of China's largest video platforms.

Chinese Web Series on iQiyi Platform

| 中国网剧 v.s. 爱奇艺

2020 iQiyi's top 5 most viewed Chinese Web Series

iQiyi, as China's largest online video platform and app provider, offers a huge amount of Chinese video resources, vary from Chinese TV/Web series, Chinese films and microfilms, variety program, entertainment, Chinese animes, music, fashion, sports, documentary and online courses, etc. To know more about iQiyi and further related, please check out another story here.

爱奇艺(ài qí yì), 是目前中国最大的在线视频播放应用和平台之一,提供海量的中国视频内容,频道涵盖中国电视剧、中国网剧、中国电影及微电影、综艺、娱乐、动画、音乐、时尚、体育、纪实、在看课程等等。更多关于爱奇艺平台的介绍,可访问我们之前相关的双语故事。

According to the third party's latest data (updated to November), we have collected and listed the following 2020's top five most viewed Chinese web series on the iQiyi video platform. Let's jump into it.

根据最新的第三方数据,我们罗列出了 2020 年 (截止目前 11月)在爱奇艺平台上播放量最高的前五部中国网剧名单。进入正题吧。


The Latest Top 5 Most Viewed Chinese Web Series in 2020

| 2020 年爱奇艺人气最高的前五部中国网剧

Top 1. Joy of Life

第一部:庆余年 (qìng yú nián)

Keywords: Chinese Web Series, Costume Drama, Chinese Novel Adaptation

关键字:中国网剧、古装剧、小说 IP 改编

Genres: Fiction, Drama, Political, Romance


Release Time: 2020-01-12

上线时间:2019 年 11 月 26日

The C-Drama "Joy of Life" Season 1, also known as Thankful for the Remaining Year, is worthy of the name as the hottest Chinese web series during the 2020 new year's period. The first episode was aired on the network on November 26 in 2019 and the final episode came during the Chinese YuanDan festival (New Year's Day). During the period, it has consistently kept ranking 2020's top most viewed Chinese web series on the iQiyi platform with the latest data until November 15.

《庆余年第一季》是 2020 年名副其实的跨年热播剧。自2019 年 11 月 26 日在中国首播以来,直至 2020 年 元旦期间迎来第一季的大结局,一直稳居 2020 年爱奇艺平台点播量最高的网剧第一名位置。

The Chinese web series of "Joy of Life" Season 1 was adapted from a four-million-word-long Chinese original novel of the same name, which was initially released on Qidian (China's largest original literature and reading platform). It tells a legendary story about a young boy Fan Xian traveled back (the plot from the novel) to a fictional Chinese dynasty,  facing all sorts of risks and challenges from his adopted families, the martial arts world, and the royal court within the imperial palace, and finally grew up to stick to the ideal with success.

《庆余年》改编自中国起点中文网早年一部经典的长达 400 万字的同名中文原创小说,讲述了拥有复杂神秘身世的现代少年范闲,穿越回(原著情节)虚构的古代王朝,经历家族、江湖、庙堂的种种考验和锤炼层层升级最终守住理想获得成长的传奇经历。

"Joy of Life" showed us a virtual ancient world different from traditional Chinese costume dramas, how a modern man dealing with ancient politicians and the emperor, with various conflicts of different cultures and thoughts between them. The web series is featuring the adaptation not only close to the original novel but also combining suspensive intense storyline with modern internet humor elements alternated, which makes the drama as a whole win the love and praises from many audiences and novel fans.


However, the episodes from season 1 haven't yet reached the most exciting plot of the original novel. And as told at present, season 2 of Joy of Life has already been launched, which is roughly estimated to be released at the end of 2021 or in 2022.

不过,第一季的《庆余年》剧情尚未播及原著中最精彩的部分。目前,第二季已于最近正式启动了,预计或在 2021 年底或2022 年 播出。

Aired on: iQiyi and Tencent Video platform or app for the audiences in mainland China, YouTube for overseas with multi-language subtitles (including Chinese/English/French/Spanish, etc), Rakuten Viki for audiences in North Ameria, ODK, and more.

播出平台: 除了中国的爱奇艺、腾讯平台,全球观众可在 YouTube(中文/英语/法语/西班牙语等多语种字幕)、Rakuten Viki(北美)、ODK等多平台上观看。

Top 2. iPartment Season 5

第二部:爱情公寓 5 (ài qíng gōng yù wǔ)

Keywords: Chinese Web Series, Nostalgia, Youth


Genres: Comedy, Sitcoms, Romance


Release Time: 2020-01-12

上线时间:2020 年 01 月 12日

As the continuation of the TV series "iPartment", iPartment Season 5 was released in early 2020 as the final season. It has been six years since the last seas released and about 11 years long since the first season premiered in August 2009. As it's a super classic Chinese TV series, all seasons of iPartment have considerable huge young audiences in China.

延续经典“爱情公寓” IP 打造的第五季剧集,也是该 IP 的最终季,且距离上一季播出已有六年的时间,距离该剧第一季 2009 年 8月首播已经过去了约11年。由于经典 IP 的缘故,《爱情公寓》系列剧在中国拥有相当多的年轻观众群体。

Aired on: iQiyi platform or app.


Top 3. Under the Power

第三部:锦衣之下 (jǐn yī zhī xià)

Keywords: Chinese Web Series, Chinese Costume Drama, Chinese Novel Adaptation, Sweet drama

关键字:中国网剧、古装剧、小说 IP 改编、甜宠

Genres: Romance, Suspense


Released Time: 2020-01-12

上线时间:2020 年 01 月 12日

The talented female constable was forced to work together with the ruthless secret service officer (Jin Yi Wei) to investigate and retrieve the lost official silver ingots for the emperor's court. After too many sufferings and tortuous experiences, they chose love instead of revenge and worked together to defeat enemies as a happy ending.


Aired on: iQiyi and Mango TV platform or app for mainland China, YouTube for Overseas, and WeTV for Thailand, Rakuten Viki for North Ameria, and more.

播出平台:中国大陆地区爱奇艺和芒果平台或应用;全球观众可在 YouTube 平台、WeTV Thailand (泰国)、Rakuten Viki(北美)等多平台上观看。

Top 4. Reunion: The Sound of the Providence Season 1

第四部:重启之极海听雷 第一季 (chóng qǐ zhī jí hǎi tīng léi)

2020 iQiyi's Top Most Viewed Chinese Web Series

Keywords: Chinese Series, Modern Drama, Tomb Series, Horrible, Adaptation from Chinese Novel

关键字:中国网剧、现代剧、盗墓剧、恐怖、小说 IP 改编

Genres: Suspense, Adventure


Released Time: 2020-07-15

上线时间:2020 年 07 月 15 日

The Chinese web series "Reunion: The Sound of The Providence", also known as "The Lost Tomb: Reboot", is the latest and successful drama adaption of the novel of "Daomu Biji" series, one of the most popular and classic Chinese Tomb fictional series in China. It ranked extremely fast during the golden summer period to become one of the most hitting web series on iQiyi's annual list 2020. What's more, season 1 and season 2 were released consecutively in July and September of the year. By featuring the film-level picture, with a tight plot and actors' excellent performances, this Chinese drama has obtained iQiyi's highest popularity up to 9796, and as well as high ratings and praises from huge Chinese audiences and fans.

《重启之极海听雷》是基于中国最经典的盗墓题材 IP 之一 《盗墓笔记》系列中最新一部小说进行成功改编的电视剧。也是 2020 年爱奇艺年榜上榜时间最短但排名靠前、攀升极快的暑期档热播网剧。该剧分为第一季和第二季于 7 月和 9 月先后播出,因电影级的镜头语言、场面、特效和全体演员的精彩演绎,不但在爱奇艺平台上获得了高达 9796 的网播热度,同时还收获了许多中国网友和粉丝的超高评价。

"Reunion: The Sound of The Providence" tells the story that the iron triangle Wu Xie, Pang Zi, and Zhang Qiling decided to restart their adventure after receiving a mystery text message, to fulfill Wu Xie's wish by helping find his lost uncle. Through kinds of mysteries and challenges suffered, the iron triangle team and their companions finally revealed the secret about "the sound of thunder".


Aired on: iQiyi platform or app for watching Season 1 and 2 in mainland China  (Youku for Season 1 only), iQiyi International and YouTube for Overseas, iTalkBB, Rakuten Viki, ODC platforms for North Ameria, 8TV for Malaysia, and more.

播出平台:第一季可在中国大陆地区爱奇艺、优酷双平台上观看,第二季则爱奇艺平台独家播出可看。北美和马来西亚的观众自 10 月 26日起可以在八度空间、iTalkBB、Rakuten Viki、ODC 等视频平台上观看。

Top 5. And the Winner Is Love

第五首:月上重火 (yuè shàng chóng huǒ)

Keywords: Chinese Series, Costume Drama, Fantasy, Adaptation of Chinese Novel

关键字:中国网剧、古装剧、玄幻、小说 IP 改编

Genres: Wuxia, Romance


Released Time: 2020-05-28

上线时间:2020 年 05 月 28 日

2020 iQiyi's Top Most Viewed Chinese Web Series

Also adapted based on a full-length Chinese Wuxia novel of the same name, the C-drama "And the Winner is Love" tells a romantic and fantasy story of the male and female lead setting out on a journey into the martial world together. Despite the hardships and critical junctures, they overcame difficulties, joined hands to reveal the evil mastermind, and finally bring peace back to the world.


Aired on: iQiyi platform or app in mainland China, iQiyi International and YouTube for Overseas, and K+Cinema for Vietnam.

播出平台:中国大陆地区爱奇艺和芒果平台或应用;全球观众可在 iQiyi 国际版和YouTube 平台、K+Cinema(越南)等平台上观看。

(Some images/pictures contained in this story source from officially released materials, for illustration purpose only.

No copyright infringement intended and their rights reserved to original owners.)


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