Six Trendy New WeChat Emojis Released With Their Chinese Internet Meanings


Recently, six new WeChat Emojis hit China's social platform once they were released in the upgraded version of WeChat app. Let's see these new WeChat Emojis in the following story and the Chinese meanings each of them stands for, as well as learning some popular Chinese words from these new WeChat emojis for ease.

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表 情 包 Biǎo qíng bāo Internet Memes, Emojis and more.
网络流行语 Wǎng luò liú xíng yǔ Chinese Internet Slangs or Chinese Internet Buzzwords.

Related App:
微 信Wēi xìnWeChat or known as Weixin, China's most popular messaging app.

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New WeChat Emojis #1 - [Broken]


new WeChat emojis, new Chinese emojis in WeChat, new WeChat emojis with Chinese meanings

The new WeChat emoji of [broken] has immediately become the top of the most popular WeChat emojis spreading on the Internet once it was officially released at a recent time.

【裂开】 表情一经上线,立即成为了被网友们疯狂刷屏的热门微信新表情。
This [broken] WeChat emoji comes from a hitting Chinese Internet buzzword: I've got cracked (My heart is broken). It usually describes a man who has been shocked or encountered unexpected events, which caused the mentality to collapse, the whole body got cracked as like the heart got broken.


For example:


"My favorite role will be performed by the actor I dislike the most.

Once I heard this news, my reaction is [broken] new WeChat emoji with Chinese Internet meaning"


New WeChat Emojis #2 - [LetMeSee]

微信新表情之 [让我看看]

new WeChat emojis, new Chinese emojis in WeChat, new WeChat emojis with Chinese meanings

The second new WeChat emoji [LetMeSee] also get inspired by a hot Chinese meme that was taken from a popular Chinese drama and then got spreading virally on China's Internet.

[让我看看] 同样是来源于网络中广为流传的一张电视剧人物表情包而产生的微信新表情。

On WeChat's official side, the emoji [LetMeSee] express the meaning of "let me take a look". But it can be also used as a response in WeChat chatting indicating a Chinese meaning similar to "Let me think about it", or "I'll give you a reply later after I read/confirm it".

对于 [LetMeSee] 表情,微信官方表达的含义是“让我看看”。但实际上,在微信回复中还可代表着“让我想想”,“我看后/确认后再答复你”。

And in some context, it also implies interesting feelings like "Take a peep at it" or "Facepalm. It's really a disaster for my eyes!"


For example:


"My neighbor has just posted a private photo to his INS profile by mistake, and then everybody's reaction: [LetMeSee]new WeChat emoji with Chinese Internet meaning"

“隔壁小伙一不小心错把私密照片发布到了 INS 上,所有人的表情: [LetMeSee]。”

New WeChat Emojis #3 - [Awesome]

微信新表情之 [666]

new WeChat emojis, new Chinese emojis in WeChat, new WeChat emojis with Chinese Internet meanings

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