The Four New Chinese Science-Fiction Animes 2021-2022 Coming Soon


Looking for new Chinese Science-Fiction Animes? Recently, as one of the top best Chinese science-fiction animations 2019-2020, "Incarnation" aka Ling Long comes to its final episode of season 1, with an achievement of over 400 million plays and a high score of 9.6 rated on Bilibili, China's anime and video streaming platform. It is certainly not the end, neither the Chinese Science-fiction animations. Keep reading the following to get a list of four new Chinese Science-fiction Animations coming soon in 2021-2022. Tell us which one you prefer and can't wait for the official release.

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科学幻想动画 Zhōng guó wǔ shù Science Fantasy Animes/nimations.

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硬科幻 Yìng kē huàn Hard science fiction.
软科幻 Ruǎn kē huàn Soft science fiction.

Related App:
哔哩哔哩 Bīlī bīlī Bilibili, China's largest Anime and Video sharing social platform.
爱优腾芒 ài yōu téng máng Top 4 of China's most popular video streaming apps including: iQiyi (International), Tencent Video (WeTV), Youku and Mango TV.

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Chinese Science-Fiction Animations


The Chinese Science-fiction Animes, or Chinese Sci-Fi Animes, are written as "中国科幻动画" in Simplified Chinese, "" (kē) equivalent to Science in Chinese "科学" and "" (huàn) means fantasy in Chinese “幻想” and indicates the fiction stories.


Apparently, the Chinese science-fiction animes and films are getting popular, as the blockbuster film "Wandering Earth" hitting in China. Based on the latest news, there are four new Chinese science-fiction animes scheduled to come in 2021-2022, most of that seems probably worth waiting and watching. Let's jump to them right now.

随着《流浪地球》在中国的热映,中国科幻动画有着越来越受欢迎的趋势。基于最新消息透露,2021-2022 年将有 4 部中国科幻动画十分值得期待和观赏。一起来看看吧。

The Four New Chinese Science-Fiction Animes 2021-2022 Worth Wating


Continue to the following coming-soon list of four new Chinese science-fiction animes in 2021-2022 arranged with their titles and brief introduction upon the limiting public materials, in both English and Chinese language, without particular order.

继续阅读以下整理的 2021-2022 年即将播出的中国科幻动画片单,提供中英文名及有限的故事简介,排名不分先后。

The Hugo Award-winning Adapted Anime:
"The Three-Body Problem"

《三体》 —— 雨果奖故事改编动画

Santi, The Three-Body Problem, One of Four New Chinese Science-Fiction Animes 2021-2022 Coming Soon

Title: The Three-Body Problem (Chinese Science Fiction Anime, aka. "Santi")

名 称:三体 (动画版)

Airing Schedule: 2021 (China)


Airing On: Bilibili


Genres: Chinese Animation, Adaption on Chinese Novel, Science-Fiction, Fighting, 3D

类 型:中国动画,中文小说改编,科幻,战斗, 3D

Santi, The Three-Body Problem, One of Four New Chinese Science-Fiction Animes 2021-2022 Coming Soon

The Chinese Science Fiction Anime Series "The Three-Body Problem", aka Santi, is adapted from Chinese writer Liu Cixin's original science fiction trilogy namesake, which has won the 2015 Hugo Award for Best Novel and also the first winner from Asia for best science fiction and fantasy achievement of that year. The Chinese author Liu Cixing consequently became the first Asian author to win the Hugo Award.


In excellent combination with Chinese culture of over five thousand years and the vast expanse of the universe, "The Three-Body Problem" gives a showcase of two civilizations' mutual communication between the humans and the alien, interstellar battles, and even the rise and fall of both two civilizations in the universe.


To be expected, the Chinese science-fiction anime series of "The Three-Body Problem" which is produced by the creative team of 2019-2020 Best Chinese Sci-fi Anime "Incarnation" (aka. Ling Cage) is probably becoming the best Chinese science-fiction anime epic. For this reason, it is picked up as the top worth-waiting science fiction anime series by many people.


Chinese Sci-Fi & Reasoning Anime:

《黑门》 —— 新科幻推理动画

Title: Swarm (aka. Hei Men)

名 称:黑门

Airing Schedule: 2021 (China)

待播时间:2021 年

Airing On: Bilibili


Genres: Chinese Animation, Chinese Originals, Science-Fiction, Reasoning, 3D

类 型:中国动画,中国原创,科幻,推理, 3D

Heimen, Swarm, One of Four New Chinese Science-Fiction Animes 2021-2022 Coming Soon

The story takes place in 2056 and the Baiyang city, the Hebei province of China. The huge progress of the future technology allows people to go inside their brains for self-exploration. The scientists accordingly find out a human brain space that deeper and vaster than the real universe to be explored.

In the meantime, a series of accidents and crises burst out in the real world as the investigation is triggered by a complex traffic accident. The truth behind seems far beyond any imagination. At this time, no one has been aware that it is the start of the new era for humans towards the second human-being evolution.


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