A New Viral Chinese TikTok Beat Sync Dance is Trending on Douyin 2021 With the Chinese Rap Beat Wuhu Dance Song

抖音上超火的“Rap 版呜呼卡点舞”

Recently, a new viral Chinese TikTok Beat Sync Dance becomes one of the hottest dance trends on China's Douyin app. It's uncertainly the reason why this Chinese rap beat dance challenge got popular on the Chinese TikTok app. But apparently, the cute dance to the rap beat with simple moves is suitable for anyone to learn at home.

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卡点舞蹈 Kǎ diǎn wǔ dǎo Dance Video Synchronized to the Beat of the music.

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舞蹈挑战 Wǔ dǎo tiǎo zhàn Dance Challenges.

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抖音 Dǒu yīn The name of Chinese version of TikTok, which is China's most popular mobile short-video creating and sharing app.

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Chinese Pronunciation on GoogleSay “Douyin/Chinese TikTok Beat Sync Dance”

What is "Chinese TikTok Beat Sync Dance"?


Generally, the parts of rhythms in a song have strong beats. Some dance moves including the feet tapping and arm positions, your hip moves or the instant freezing of the body, all are accordingly synchronized with the beat of the music. Such dances are called the "Beat Sync Dance", "Beat Synchronized Dance" and "卡点舞" in Chinese. The more accurate to the beat, the much perfect your dance looks.

通常,一些动感强的歌曲,其中一部分节奏不会随着音乐的起伏变化而变化。人们为这段强节奏设计出一些舞蹈动作,每一个落脚和手臂的动作,或者身体姿势的快速定格能精准和背景音乐里的节奏相匹配。这样的舞蹈中文里称作“卡点舞(Kǎ diǎn wǔ)。卡点越精准,舞姿越美。

And no matter in Chinese TikTok twin app "Douyin" or the TikTok overseas, TikTok's well-synchronized beat dance videos are always the most popular ones to follow on the app. Many beat sync dances are designed with nice moves, recorded to match the viral beat music, and got imitated to become a trend and also a hot TikTok hashtag.

卡点舞无论是在中国的抖音上还是海外的 TikTok 上都非常流行。不少人用节奏感强的音乐来做背景音乐来创作和录制舞蹈视频,继而被更多网友们争相模仿拍摄,逐渐形成一类卡点舞的潮流和热门标签。

A New Viral Chinese TikTok Beat Sync Dance Trending on Chinese Douyin


A New Viral Chinese TikTok Rap Beat Dance Video Trending on China TikTok Douyin App: Rap Wuhu Beat Dance

Recently, the latest new viral Chinese TikTok Beat Sync Dance craze to take over Douyin (China's TikTok app) is called the "Chinese Rap Beat Wuhu Dance", which has drawn many Chinese celebrities and Douyiners to take part in the dance challenge in April.

近日,在中国抖音上又掀起了一波卡点舞的热潮,一段中文称作“Rap 版呜呼卡点舞(Rap bǎn wū hū kǎ diǎn wǔ) 的抖音舞蹈挑战视频迅速爆火,很多网红小姐姐们都在争相参与进来。

Douyin's Viral "Chinese Rap Beat Wuhu Dance" Videos in April

抖音上的“Rap 版呜呼卡点舞”

A New Viral Chinese TikTok Beat Sync Dance Trending on China TikTok Douyin App: Chinese Rap Beat Wuhu Dance

So far the mid-April, the "Chinese Rap Beat Wuhu Dance" has gained over 860 millions volume of playing on the Chinese TikTok Douyin app since its initial sharing on April 6th, 2021, featuring as the viral Chinese TikTok Trend and followed by the hot hashtag #rap 版呜呼卡点舞 on Douyin app.

截至目前,“Rap 版呜呼卡点舞”自 4 月 6 日首次分享在抖音上后,已获得 8.6 亿多次的播放量,并成为抖音上的热门标签和卡点舞蹈。

For more videos on the viral Chinese Tik Tok Beat Sync Dances try searching and watching on YouTube or the Chinese version of TikTok.

可前往 YouTube 或中国抖音上搜索和欣赏更多流行的抖音版卡点舞。

What's the Chinese Song in Viral "Chinese Rap Beat Wuhu Dance"?

抖音 Rap 版呜呼卡点舞的背景音乐?

Have you watched the "Chinese Rap Beat Wuhu Dance" videos aka "#Rap 版呜呼卡点舞" in Chinese before? The catchy beat in this viral Chinese TikTok beat sync dance is called "Never-lied Cha-Cha (live remix)", a Chinese live performance appearing in China's latest music variety TV show "Praised for Songs", given by two Chinese Rappers Ma Siwei and DP Longzhu, which is a live adaption based on another rapper DiamondGEM's "Color Graded" in Chinese.

这段 Rap 版呜呼卡点舞中承担关键背景音乐的歌曲叫做《不会说谎的恰恰 (live)》 (Bú huì shuō huǎng de qiā qia),是一首由中国说唱歌手马思唯和DP龙猪在最新一档中国音乐类综艺《为歌而赞》中现场表演的改编歌曲,改编自宝石GEM的《爱的恰恰》。

In addition, the 12-second segment of this Chinese rap song that appears in viral Chinese TikTok beat sync dance videos only feature the following lyrics in Simplified Chinese with Pinyin and English meaning as well, only four Chinese sentences included:

这段出现在抖音卡点舞中、仅 12 秒的节奏,仅含四句话,其中文歌词、拼音、及歌词的英文含义对照如下:


Wǒ chéng rèn zhǐ yǒu nǐ ràng wǒ ài dé zhuā kuáng

I admit that it's you make me crazy in love only


Kàn xī yáng bǎ wǒ mén yǐng zī màn màn lā cháng

Watch the sunset which stretches our shadows slowly


Lián yún dōu shì xīn de xíng zhuàng xiàng mián huā táng

Even the cloud in heart-shaped looks like a marshmallow


Wǒ mén shì bié rén zuǐ lǐ miàn de zuì jiā pāi dàng

We are the best lovers in other people's mouths



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