Part Two: How To Read Chinese Numerals Up To 10000? These Ten Keys Help Your Chinese Numeral Study


Continue to Learn how to count and read big Chinese numbers with ten skills. Reading Chinese numerals larger up to 10000 is not as difficult as you thought. The following skills are collected aiming to help the Chinese numeral study better and easier. Now let's make a simple start on your Chinese numeral study by grasping the following ten key points and hope it will shed some light on how to read Chinese numerals up to 10000.

Target Story Words

English Words:

Chinese Pinyin:

Standard Chinese:

Similar Chinese Words:
数数 Shǔ shù To count numbers.

Related Chinese Words:
数字 Shù zì Digit, numeral, number in Chinese.
数位 Shù wèi The place or position that each digit occupies within a number.
三位数 Sān wèi shù The three-digit numbers in Chinese, e.g. 566.
多位数 Duō wèi shù The multi-digit nummers in Chinese which is consisted of two or more values and places, except the digit from 0 to 9.
计数单位 Jì shù dān wèi The numeration units spoken or written in Chinese.

Chinese Words Pronunciation

Chinese Pronunciation on GoogleSay “Big numerals up to 10000” in Chinese

Key 06. Read Each Digit Plus Unit One By One


It's supposed that you've learned how to count Chinese numbers from 0 to 99 from the first part of the previous bilingual story, that's to say, successfully counting the single digits from 0 to 9 and two-digit numbers from 10 to 99 in Chinese. Now let's jump to the second part below. It will talk about the rest of the useful key points on reading larger numerals in Chinese, such as how to read Chinese numerals up to 10000.

假设你已经从前文中学会了用中文数数,从 0 数到 99 的方法,即学会用中文数 0 至 9 的个位数,以及用中文数 10 至 99 的两位数。 现在,一起来看看故事的下半部分。以下将讲述用中文读大数字的技巧,比如怎样用中文读出至一万多大数字。

Firstly, to read Chinese numerals, you must read out each-position digit within a number and then followed by the name of the corresponding numeration unit it stands for at the same time, except the "Ones" place, the unit name of which doesn't require to readout. Click here to check the most frequently-used numeration units in Chinese numerals (Free sign-in required for full).


As an exception, only at Ones position can you read out the digit value alone without the unit name required.


For example:

28 is a two-digit numeral.

28 是一个两位数。

Read and write it in English as: Twenty-eight


Its Expanded Form as: 2 Tens + 8 Ones

可展开为:2 十 + 8 (个)一

Thus, we could read or write this numeral into Chinese words like:


(èr shí bā)

Another example:


7891 is a four-digit number.

7891 是一个四位数。

Read and write it in English as Seven thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety-One

在英文里读写作:Seven thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety-One

Its Expanded Form as: 7 Thousands + 8 Hundreds + 9 Tens + 1 Ones

可展开为:7 千 + 8 百 + 9 十 + 1 (个)一

Thus, we could read or write this numeral into Chinese like:

因此,在中文里可读写为:七千 八百 九十 一

七千 八百 九十 一  
(qī qiān bā bǎi jiǔ shí yī)

Key 07. No Need to Read Out Value 1 at Tens For Two-Digits


To read a two-digit numeral in Chinese, if it starts with digit 1 at the Tens place, it's usually to read out the unit name at Tens in Chinese only, then followed by the digit at Ones, and do leave out the digit value 1 at Tens place as well as the unit at Ones place as we told before.

对二位数来说,若十位上的数值是 1,用中文读这个两位数时,只用读出十位上的计数单位,而常常省略十位上的数值 1 以及个位的计数单位。

For example:

16 is a two-digit numeral.

16 是一个两位数。

Read and write it down in English as: Sixteen


Its Expanded Form as: 1 Tens + 6 Ones

可展开为:1 十 + 6 (个)一

Thus, we could read or write this numeral into Chinese like:


十六  (shí liù) ()

not as 一十六 ()

Key 08. Read Zero Or Not Depends On Its Position In Numerals

“0” 的读法,视位置而定

The digit "0" Zero within English numerals is not read at all. But it is different in the Chinese numeral reading rules.


There are two cases to read out the digit "0" zero within Chinese numerals.


So much for the basic and important skills on how to read Chinese numerals and count them in Chinese. Why not have a try now?! Just make a start from the small digits 0 to 9 or two-digit numbers in Chinese.


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