What's 1065? The New '1065' Working Hour System Gets Practiced in China

1065 工作制

What is the meaning of 1065? The answer is concerned with some working hour adjustments in China. It's reported that some Internet companies in China have started new official work schedules since the last year. Some new schedules are implemented in order to reduce the overtime working phenomenons. Keep reading to get to know this new '1065' working hour system tested by Tencent WeChat Group in China and fetch some new Chinese works related to this topic.

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工作时间 gōng zuò shí jiān refers to the working schedule or working hours in Chinese.

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996 jiǔ jiǔ liù One of the common working hour system has been pushed in a great number of companies in China, especially the Internet giants.

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微信 wēi xìn The most popular instant messaging tool and mobile app developed by Tencent.

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Chinese Pronunciation on GoogleSay “Working Hour System” in Chinese

What's 1065 in Recent China?

1065 指什么?

Chinese Flashcard: The 1065 Working Hour System

Recently, a group of numbers '1065' are mentioned on the Chinese Internet and social platforms. It refers to a new '1065' working hour system practiced in Tencent WeChat Business Group, that required the employees to work from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, five days a week, and two days for a weekend. You can read it as 1065 工作制 (1065 gōng zuò zhì) in Standard Chinese.

在近期的中国,一组数字 “1065” 指向的是中国腾讯微信事业群正在试运行的一种最新工作制,即早上10点上班,晚上6点下班,一周工作五天,周末双休。

Compared with various work schedules implemented in China before, the new '1065' working hour system is trying to push the time to start working to 10:00 am to avoid the heavy traffic in the early morning and also reduce the time wasted in commuting. For those employees who have a necessary demand to work overtime, they would be notified to leave the office no later than 10:00 pm at night.

与过去各种工作时间不同的在于,这次将上班时间调整到早上 10 点,避开上班早高峰期,一定程度避免在通勤上浪费太多时间。而对于有必要加班需求的组员,将以通知的方式要求在晚上 10 点下班。

As far as it's reported, the '1065' working hour system has already been carried out as a test schedule since the 2022 Chinese New Year celebration in some WeChat business groups in China.

据悉,这种“1065”工作制从 2022 年中国新年过后已开始在腾讯微信内部试运行。

Furthermore, a series of similar work systems have already been performed in some Chinese Internet companies since the last year. For example, the similar 1075 requires employees to work from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, the 965 asks for a five-day work weekly from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and even a 3+2 mixed work system pushes employees to work at home two days a week. If compared to the outdated 996 working hour system, the above adjustments of work schedules seem to bring some positive improvements to the Internet companies in China.

与此同时,在中国还有其他多家互联网公司也在实行与 1065 工作制类似的工作时间制度,如 1075 工作制、965 工作制、3+2 的混合办公制等等,较以往互联网企业中屡见不鲜的 996 工作制而言,显得相对宽松。

Simple Chinese Words Related to '1065' Working Hour System

与 1065 相关的词汇

Chinese Flashcard: Work Hour System

工作制 - (gōng zuò zhì) - The "Working Hour System" in Standard Chinese (aka. Putonghua, or known as Standard Mandarin)

工作时间表 - (gōng zuò shí jiān biǎo) - The "Work Schedule" in Standard Chinese (aka. Putonghua)

作息时间 - (zuò xí shí jiàn) - The "Daily Schedule" in Standard Chinese (aka. Putonghua). For students, it refers to the school hours and rest time, while the work schedule and rest time for employees.

Chinese Flashcard: Go to Work or Start Work

上班 - (shàng bān) - means to "go to work" in Standard Chinese (aka. Putonghua). In Chinese, it's regular phrases by matching the Chinese word (shàng) as a verb with the Chinese word of work or school to express the meanings , e.g.
"go to work" (上班) (shàng bān)
or "go to school" (上学) (shàng xué).
But the rule doesn't work for other similar "go to xxx" expressions in Chinese.

上班时间 - (shàng bān shí jiān) - This Chinese word usually contains two different meanings depending on the context, one commonly known as the "time to go working" in Standard Chinese (aka. Putonghua), but another referring to the work schedule.

下班 - (xià bān) - means to "get off work" or "leave the office" in Standard Chinese (aka. Putonghua). Please note, it's easy to understand this Chinese word because (xià) and (shàng) are a set of antonym pair.

下班时间 - (xià bān shí jiān) - means the "time to get off work" or "time to leave the office" in Standard Chinese (aka. Putonghua)

Chinese Flashcard:  Work Overtime

加班 - (jiā bān) - means to "work overtime" in Standard Chinese (aka. Putonghua) and the word (jiā) stands for adding.

强制下班 - (qiáng zhì xià bān) - means to "be enforced to leave the office" in Standard Chinese (aka. Putonghua)

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