The 15 Charming Chinese Romantic Sentences Help You Declare Love (With Pinyin)

15 句浪漫中文情话

How would you express your love using Chinese sentences without containing the word "love"? The native Chinese-speakers prefer to find out thousands of Chinese romantic sentences to declare love more creatively other than say the explicit "I Love You" in Chinese. Such charming Chinese romantic sentences are considered much more meaningful so that can touch the depth of the heart in a sincere way. So let's get right to them as follows.

Target Story Words

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Similar Chinese Words:
表白 Biǎo bái To declare one's love to somebody.
中文告白 Yòng zhōng wén gào bái The declaration of love in Chinese.
用中文示爱 Yòng zhōng wén shì ài Show love in Chinese

Related Chinese Words:
我爱你 wǒ ài nǐ "I love you" in Chinese.
我喜欢你 wǒ xǐ huān nǐ "I like you" in Chinese.

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Try Chinese Romantic Sentences Than I-Love-You


It's commonly using three Chinese words 我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ) to declare love, equal to the English romantic sentence "I love you". It's the most popular sentence to express love concisely, but sometimes too straightforward especially when the receiver is not prepared. And it's also considered that the more frequently "I love you" is said in Chinese, the less sincerity it may lack.

中文里,表达 "I love you" 使用的是三个汉字组成的句子“我爱你”。但“我爱你”这句话虽然简洁,却过于直白。若在对方没有心理准备的情况下,容易显得唐突,失去美感。轻易或频繁说出口的“我爱你”,反而缺少了谨慎对待的诚意。

Consequently, a variety of literal and romantic Chinese sentences or poems are continuously written out as substitute expressions of love and affections. It's obvious for you to discover that such many beautiful Chinese romantic sentences and poems have been always popular in China from ancient to modern ages.


Here comes a list of the 15 modern Chinese romantic sentences for Chinese language learning. Let's jump right into them.

以下整理了 15 句浪漫中文情话,比直白的表达我爱你更加动人。一起看看吧。

Chinese Romantic Sentence #1


Rú guǒ nǐ yuàn yì, wǒ kě yǐ (wèi nǐ) fān shān yuè lǐng.


If you agree, I would like to trek across the mountains to see you (for you).

Chinese Romantic Sentence #2


Wǒ de xǐ huān xiě zài fēng lǐ, cóng cǐ zhěng gè shì jiè dōu shì nǐ.


Force the wind to carry my love for you and hence blow everywhere of my world.

Chinese Romantic Sentence #3


Chū jiàn shì jīng hóng yì piě, pēng rán xīn dòng shì nǐ.


The first time I saw you, it was you.

Chinese Romantic Sentence #4


Huā bù yí dìng shì wèi le huā diàn ér kāi, wǒ yí dìng shì wèi nǐ ér lái


The blooming flower is unknown for selling in the florist's, but I'm surely coming for you.

Chinese Romantic Sentence #5


Nǐ hé xīng xīng yì qǐ wēn róu le rén jiān hé wǒ suǒ yǒu de mèng


Both you and stars have softened all dreams of mine and the world.

Chinese Romantic Sentence #6


Xiè xiè nǐ, zài zhè shì jiè de jiǎo luò, zhǎo dào le wǒ.


Thank you for coming to find me in this corner of the world.

Enjoy and have a try!


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