What's the Chinese Word for Metaverse?
Tell A Must-Know Chinese Buzzword Meta/Metaverse With Bilingual Expositions (EN/CN)


The Chinese word Metaverse has been already picked as one of the most popular words of the year 2021 on the China Internet. This story is going to give you simple explanations for the Chinese word "Metaverse" in the year, linguistically not technically. And it's aiming to help beginners or anyone who is planning to start as early as possible to learn the Standard Chinese (Putonghua). So let's get into it.

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十大网络用语 shí dà wǎn luò yòng yǔ Top ten Chinese buzzwords used the most on Internet.
网络常用语 wǎn luò cháng yòng yǔ The most frequently used words on Internet.

Related Chinese Words:
年度的 nián dù de Annual in Chinese.
热词 rè cí Th hot words that are used frequently.

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What Is Chinese Word For Metaverse?

Metaverse 对应的中文是什么?

Metaverse, either the English or Chinese expression form, is an important word you must know in this year or the near future since it is associated with the concept of "Metaverse" technology which can integrate the virtual and real-world, and let people work, study, play games and socialize in a virtual environment, and also leads Facebook to a new corporate name Meta.

这是一个 2021 年以及未来数年你必须知道的词汇,无论是英语的、还是汉语的,因为它关系到最火热的“Metaverse”概念,也是它催生了 Facebook 的新中文名称。

Thinking of one Chinese word to express the Metaverse concisely, it must be written into 元宇宙 , it's Chinese pinyin (yuán yǔ zhòu) as a hint for the standard Chinese pronunciation.

Metaverse 用一个中文词来表达的话,那便是“元宇宙”三个字。

Initially, the word Metaverse came from a science fiction novel by an American writer Neal Stephenson, the "Snow Crash" published in 1992, in which the Metaverse was used to title a paralleled, virtual reality-based digital world. Then it was rapidly introduced and linked with a Chinese term 元宇宙 (yuán yǔ zhòu) with deep strong implications for future technology.

“元宇宙”一词,最早来源于一部 1992 年发行的尼尔·斯蒂芬森的科幻小说《雪崩》里描述的名为 Metaverse 的一个平行虚拟世界。随后,Metaverse 很快被引入并被定名为一个寓意深远的汉语词语“元宇宙”。

The Chinese Word Metaverse Picked Into China's Word of The Year 2021

“元宇宙”当选 2021 年度中文流行语

Learn Basic Chinese Liu Xing Yu, Buzzword in Chinese

The last month of every year always comes various summing-ups, such as the Word of the Year, or the trend of some fields. Also in China, there is the release of top Chinese buzzwords rankings and related discussions on the Internet.


Chinese Word Metaverse Picked into Top 10 Chinese Word of The Year 2021

Recently, a list of "The 2021 Top 10 Chinese Buzzwords", or China's Word of the Year, was announced by the National Language Resources Monitoring And Research Center, in which Metaverse's Chinese form 元宇宙 (yuán yǔ zhòu) has been unsurprisingly ranked into the most popular Chinese word of the year.


What's Chinese Word Metaverse Consist of?


In Chinese, the top buzzword 元宇宙 can be divided into two parts. It consists of a four-stroke simple character and a basic proper astronomy term 宇宙 in Chinese.


After the correct division above, it could be better for us to understand the whole term, especially for the very beginners on the Chinese study. So let's break the word and explain each with expositions below.


How to Understand Chinese Meta / Metaverse? Give Bilingual Expositions

元 v.s. 宇宙

Understand Chinese Character "元" For Metaverse

Learn Basic Chinese Word Yuan With Multiple Meanings

The first character (yuán), not exactly the Chinese meaning of meta, often implies the beginning, origin, or the head of anything on earth, e.g.:
元年 (yuán nián) in Chinese standing for the first year of a new era or the reign period,
新纪元 (xīn jì yuán) for the beginning of a new era,
and 元帅 (yuán shuài) for the supreme commander.
And this word also gets related with money, such as (yuán) as Yuan of RMB, the unit of Chinese currency.

“Meta” 并不直接对应中文里的“元”字。“元”字,在中文里常用来形容一切的开始、起始和万物之首,比如“元年”、“新纪元”或“元帅”。同时“元”也与货币有关,比如是人民币的货币单位等。

Most importantly, this word appears in a great Chinese festival name "YuanDan Festival" 元旦 (yuán dàn) you may have well known about before, which indicates the first day of the year, corresponding with the New Year's Day accordingly.


Understand Chinese Word "宇宙" For Metaverse

Learn Basic Astronomy Chinese Term Yu Zhou, Universe in Chinese

On the other hand, the second word 宇宙 (yǔ zhòu) is a very common Chinese noun that corresponds to the English word Universe.

元宇宙里的另一个词“宇宙”,在中文里是个很常见的专有名词,对应英文里的 Universe 一词。

Looking into the word, the former character (yǔ) in Chinese has an implication of the immense space of the universe, while the latter (zhòu) implies the infinite and immeasurable stretches of time.


To learn more popular Chinese words and top buzzwords, looking for starting Chinese learning entertainingly, keep an eye on our updating at www.chinaclife.com.


Enjoy and hope it helped!


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