2021 Ten Top Chinese Buzzwords You May Haven't Known - Chinese Words of The Year Series


Top Chinese Buzzwords are often pointing to the Chinese words or phrases most frequently used on the Internet. These top Chinese buzzwords 2021 are picked based on the analysis of various evaluation factors. The story will give one of the results of words of the year in China 2021 with brief explanations. For more details about each buzzword, it would be better to read the word's individual story later.

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十大网络用语 shí dà wǎn luò yòng yǔ Top ten Chinese buzzwords used the most on Internet.
网络常用语 wǎn luò cháng yòng yǔ The most frequently used words on Internet.

Related Chinese Words:
年度的 nián dù de Annual in Chinese.
热词 rè cí Th hot words that are used frequently.

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Top Chinese Buzzwords And Word of The Year in China


2021 Ten Top Chinese Buzzwords

As the approach of Festival Holiday Season in December, it also comes a yearly summing-up of the buzz "Word of the Year". So, in China, we called it 年度中文网络流行语 (nián dù zhōng wén wǎng luò liú xíng yǔ), the top Chinese buzzwords of the year.

每年的 12 月,不仅迎来了年末的节日季,也是盘点过去这一年“年度流行词”的日子。最近,在中国,也陆续出现了关于 “2021 年度中文流行语” 的各类总结。

For example, the Chinese phrase 2021 年度十大中文流行语 (2021 nián dù shí dà zhōng wén liú xíng yǔ) stands for the 2021 Top 10 Chinese Buzzwords or China's 2021 Chinese Word of the Year.

比如,最近在中国互联网上公布的“2021 年度十大中文流行语”。

There must have been some buzz words you haven't yet heard of in the past year, or failed to get a hint of their meanings. If you are exactly the person who is fascinated to learn Standard Chinese or Putonghua, don't miss the 2021 Top Chinese Buzzwords below.


2021 Top Ten Chinese Buzzwords Picked


The following Chinese buzzwords come from the latest announcement by China's National Language Resources Monitoring And Research Center, which has picked ten popular Chinese words and phrases as 2021 Chinese Word of the Year.


We have selected and shown some of the most used and interesting Chinese buzzwords with brief expositions in both Chinese and English. Try to help non-Chinese speakers to understand these popular Chinese words and phrases and even use them with ease.


"Metaverse" in Chinese Buzzwords 2021


Metaverse in Chinese Picked into 2021 Ten Top Chinese Buzzwords

Metaverse, either in English or Chinese expression form of 元宇宙 (yuán yǔ zhòu), is an important word you must know in the year or the near future since it is associated with the concept of "Metaverse" technology which can integrate the virtual and real-world and let people work, study, play games and socialize in a virtual environment, and also leads Facebook to a new corporate name Meta.

这是一个 2021 年以及未来数年你必须知道的词汇,无论是英语的、还是汉语的,因为它关系到最火热的“Metaverse(元宇宙)”概念,也是它催生了 Facebook 的新中文名称。

In Chinese, The first character (yuán) often implies the beginning, origin or the head of anything on earth. And most importantly, it appears in a great Chinese festival name "元旦 (YuanDan Festival)" you may have well known about, which indicates the first day of the year, corresponding with the New Year's Day accordingly.


Secondly, the Chinese astronomy noun 宇宙 (yǔ zhòu) corresponds to the English word universe.

“宇宙”对应英文里的 Universe 一词。

After linking Metaverse with the Chinese term 元宇宙, this Chinese buzzword is obviously given deep strong implications and expectations for the not-far future technology.

继“元宇宙”成为 Metaverse 的中文译名, 这个词显然被赋予了一个深远的寓意和对并不久远的未来科技的展望。

"Po Fang" in Chinese Buzzwords 2021


Po Fang in Chinese Picked into 2021 Ten Top Chinese Buzzwords

It's a common and ordinary verb showing up on Chinese Internet, initially used by game players when they "have broken through the opponent's defense". That is 破防了 (pò fáng le) in Standard Chinese.


Nowadays, Chinese netizens often burst out the short sentence 破防了 or 我破防了 (wǒ pò fáng le) when they are shocked or touched by something and even moved to tears, with an implication that their psychological defense has been broken down.


"Tang Ping" in Top Chinese Buzzwords 2021


Tang Ping (Lying Flat) in Chinese Picked into 2021 Ten Top Chinese Buzzwords

You may probably have heard of this buzzword on account of various disclosures for trending in China in the past year with the form like "Lying flat" or "Lie Down".

你很可能已经听说过这个很流行的汉语词了,毕竟它曾以 “Lying Flat” 或 “Lie Down” 出现在各类透露中国趋势的报道中。

As an everyday Chinese word, 躺平 (tǎng píng) is talked too much on Internet. Don't take it too seriously about the buzzword. Actually, the word is not spoken for giving up anything in real life but more close to a new attitude or demand for stress relief and pace adjustment. If you heard of the Chinese word 躺平 by someone, he or she may probably ask for stopping and taking a break, to avoid continuously putting energy or effort out, not implying giving up anything in life.

作为一个日常网络用语,“躺平”在互联网上使用得十分频繁。对这个词不必过分认真对待。“躺平”并非意味着放弃,更像是主张缓解压力和调整生活步调的一种态度和需求。事实上,如果你在生活中听某人说起“躺平”这个词,他或她很可能是在表达停下来休息一会儿,缓一缓, 避免长时间持续地付出精力和努力,并非真的放弃生活。

In other cases, 躺平 is also commonly used to indicate the speaker's calm and peaceful living philosophy, which refuses to refute others' words or opinions but shows an indifferent reaction.


"Jue Jue Zi" in Top Chinese Buzzwords 2021


Jue Jue Zi in Chinese Picked into 2021 Ten Top Chinese Buzzwords

In most cases, the buzzword 绝绝子 (jué jué zǐ) is the Chinese word of praise on someone with "so great", "breathtaking" or "stunning" alike, a positive compliment in a lovely and cute way, which is mostly spoken by young girls.


However, it may also show up the speaker's unfriendly, great irony and mockery depending on the context.


"YYDS" in Chinese Buzzwords 2021


YYDS in Chinese Picked into 2021 Ten Top Chinese Buzzwords

"Shang Hai Xing Bu Gao, Wu Ru Xing Ji Qiang" A Ten-Character Chinese Buzzword


Shang hai xin bu gao wu ru xong ji qiang, Picked into 2021 Ten Top Chinese Buzzwords

"Wo Kan Bu Dong, Dan Wo Da Shou Zhen Han" Another Long Chinese Buzzwords 2021


wo kan bu dong dan wo da shou zhen han, Picked into 2021 Ten Top Chinese Buzzwords

The Rest of 2021 Top Chinese Buzzwords


Besides the top buzzwords above, there are also three other buzzwords including 觉醒年代 (jué xǐng nián dài), 双减 (shuāng jiǎn) and 强国有我 (qiáng guó yǒu wǒ) relating with the domestic events of the year.


To learn more popular Chinese words and top buzzwords, looking for starting Chinese learning entertainingly, keep an eye on our updating at www.chinaclife.com.


Enjoy and hope it helped!


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