Start your new year 2020 by introducing a new Chinese word “元旦” as well as the same Chinese festival. Help you learn how to send Chinese wishes on festival 2020 YuanDan, the New Year’s day in Chinese.


|  2020 元旦快乐!


English Words:       YuanDan, the New Year's Day in China 2020

Chinese Pinyin:      2020 Nián Yuán Dàn

Chinese Characters:  2020 年元旦

Similar Chinese Words:   
    新年第一天 (Yuán Xiāo Yè)| The first day of new year called in Chinese.
Related Chinese Words:   
    庆祝元旦 (Qìngzhù yuándàn)| Celebrate YuanDan (the New Year's Day in China).
    元旦快乐 (Yuándàn kuàilè)| Happy YuanDan's Day, Happy New Year's Day.

2020 yuan dan kuai le happy new year 2020!

What Is “YuanDan” In Chinese?

| 中文里,“元旦”的含义?

“元旦” (YuanDan) refers to the first day of the New Year in China, that is January 1st of the solar calendar in most countries of the world. “2020 元旦” in Chinese means the date January 1st in 2020.

元旦,在中国指的是每年阳历的 1 月 1 日这一天,即世界上大多数国家的“新年”。2020 年元旦,在中国是指 2020 年 1 月 1 日。

The character “元” in Chinese means something as the first, the initial thing, or something big. Therefore, there are similar Chinese words like “元年”, “元月” produced, which respectively indicate the meaning of “First Year” and “First Month” in a period.

“元”,在中文里,有头一个、首个、第一、初始的、大的含义。所以在中文里有“元年”、“元月” 这样的汉语词语,分别表示“第一年”、“第一个月”的含义。

The second character “旦” initially means a day, especially the first day of a month in Chinese lunar calendar (called “初一” in Chinese). From the glyph perspective, “旦” is composed of two other Chinese characters “日” and “一”, which seems as if the sun rising from the sea level. Moreover, the character “日” in Chinese is exactly the meaning of the sun. Therefore, “旦” in Chinese also indicates the morning, to symbolize the beginning of a day.


Chinese people combined “元” and “旦” into a new word called “元旦” in Chinese, to indicate the first day in January, also extend to the first day of New Year. The word “元旦” in Chinese is symbolizing a new start of the year while everything looks fresh and new again.

中国人将“元”字和“但”字结合起来形成“元旦”一词,指 1 月里的第 1 天,也引申为每年新年开始的第 1 天,象征着新年伊始,万象更新。


Chinese YuanDan Wishes & Greetings

| 在元旦,怎样表达祝福?

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