Part Two: China 5G Mobile Phones 2019 (2019/07/30 Updated)

2019 年中国 5G 手机名单 (下篇)

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G phone, which was the first to obtain China's Network Access License on June 25, 2019, now has been released officially in China since July 26, 2019, with its pre-orders launched. In the same month, China ZTE also started ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G phone's pre-sales from July 23. A batch of China 5G phones 2019 are coming soon. Is there any 5G phone you are caring about? Let's continue to part two of China 5G phones 2019.

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中国手机 zhōng guó shǒu jī Chinese mobile phones or the mobile phones made in China.

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智能手机 zhì néng shǒu jī Smartphones in Chinese.
手机处理器 chǔ lǐ qì The mobile processor in Chinese.
手机 SOC 芯片 shǒu jī SOC xīn piàn The Mobile System in Chinese, including CPU, GPU, SP, ISP, RAM, Wifi Controller, Modem, etc On a Chip.

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Chinese Pronunciation on GoogleSay “5G Mobile Phones” in Chinese

China 5G Phones 2019 On Sales

中国 5G 手机上市

China 5G phones 2019, China 5G phones, early China 5G phones list, China 5G phone list

Any 5G smartphone, before selling in China under permissions, must be granted with three necessary mobile phone certificates, including the certificates for China Compulsory Product Certification (also known as 3C Certification), China Network Access License for Telecommunications Equipment (including approval documents), and the Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate.

5G 智能手机在中国上市,必须先拿到三长必要的手机认证证书:中国国家强制性产品认证证书 (又称 3C 认证)、电信设备进网许可证含试用批文(简称:入网许可证)、无线电发射设备型号核准证(简称:无委核准证)。

These three must-have certificates are independent-granted and indispensable. Only a mobile phone that has obtained these three certificates can be allowed to be launched and sold in the China market.


There are a total of eight China 5G phones 2019 currently have been granted with the necessary mobile certificates such as the 3C Certification since July 17, 2019, including four Huawei' China 5G phones 2019, a OnePlus 5G phone, a ZTE 5G phone, a Vivo 5G phone as well as an OPPO's 5G phone. It means the time for the first batch of China 5G phones 2019 to be launched in China is even getting closer.

2019 年 7 月 16 日起,中国 5G 手机名单中一共有 8 款中国 5G 手机先后拿到了 3C 认证等必要证书,其中包括华为的 4 款 5G 手机,以及一加、中兴、Vivo、OPPO 各一款 5G 手机。这意味着距离这些中国 5G 手机在中国上市的时间更近了。

Chinese 5G Mobile Phones: The 2nd List

中国 5G 手机列表 (下)

Let’s move on to the part two of China 5G phones 2019 updated so far.

让我们看看截至目前最新的中国 5G 手机名单 (下)。

List of Chinese 5G Mobile Phones 2019 (Part Two)

中国 5G 手机
(zhōng guó 5G shǒu jī)
China 5G Mobile
(gōng sī jí pǐn pái)
(fā bù jì huà)
Release Schedule
小米 MIX 3 5G版

(5G bǎn zhé dié píng)
Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G

(zhōng guó xiǎo mǐ)
China XiaoMi
(zhōng guó: 2019 nián 9 yuè rì qī dài)
China: ASAP in 2019
(ruì shì: 2019 nián 5 yuè qǐ)
Switzerland: Since May, 2019
(yīng guó: 2019 nián 7 yuè qǐ)
UK: Since July, 2019
英国:约 £1373 英镑
(yīng guó: yuē £1373 yīng bàng)
UK: approx. £1373 pounds
(yì dà lì: 2019 nián 6 yuè qǐ)
Spain: Since June, 2019
意大利:€699.90 欧元
(yì dà lì: 699.90 ōu yuán)
Italy: €699.90 euros
(xī bān yá: 2019 nián 6 yuè qǐ)
Spain: Since June, 2019
西班牙:€719.64 欧元
(xī bān yá: 719.64 ōu yuán)
Spain: €719.64 euros
Vivo NEX 5G版

(Vivo NEX 5G bǎn)
Vivo NEX 5G

中国 Vivo
(zhōng guó Vivo)
China Vivo
(zhōng guó: zàn wéi cè shì jī)
China: For trials in 2019
Vivo iQOO Pro 5G版

(Vivo iQOO Pro 5G bǎn)
Vivo iQOO Pro 5G

中国 Vivo
(zhōng guó Vivo)
China Vivo
(zhōng guó: 2019 nián 8 yuè qǐ)
China: Since August, 2019
中兴天机 Axon 10 Pro 5G版

(zhōng xīng tiān jī Axon 10 Pro 5G bǎn)
ZTE 中兴天机 Axon 10 Pro 5G

(zhōng guó zhōng xīng)
China ZTE
(zhōng guó: 2019 nián 7 yuè 23 rì qǐ)
China: Since July 23, 2019
(fēn lán: 2019 nián 7 yuè qǐ)
Finland: Since July, 2019
芬兰:€899 欧元/256GB
(fēn lán: 899 ōu yuán/256 GB)
Finland: €899 euros for 256GB
(ā lián qiú: 2019 nián 7 yuè qǐ)
UAE: Since July, 2019
阿联酋:AED 5832.75 迪拉姆/128GB
(ā lián qiú: 5832.75 dí lā mǔ/128GB)
UAE: AED 5832.75 for 128 GB (VAT Included)
德国:2019 计划中
(dé guó: 2019 jì huà zhōng)
UK: Scheduled In 2019
(dé guó: zàn shí wèi zhī)
Germany: Unknown yet
(yì dà lì: 2019 jì huà zhōng)
Spain: Scheduled In 2019
(yì dà lì: zàn shí wèi zhī)
Italy: Unknown yet

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Detailed Introduction of The Early China 5G Phones 2019 - Part Two

2019: 中国首批 5G 手机名单 (下)


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