How These November Festivals “The Black Friday”, “Thanksgiving Day”, “Cyber Monday” Speak in Chinese? And Related Words Phrases?

你知道多少这些 “11月节日” 的中文说法?

November comes two well-known “Festivals” around the world: Thanksgiving Day for all families and The Black Friday for shoppers. Do you know how we say the Black Friday or Thanksgiving Day in standard Chinese? And how many Chinese words phrases referring to these November festivals? Let’s get into them.

Target Story Words

English Words:

Chinese Pinyin:

Standard Chinese:

Similar Chinese Words:
节日名 jié rì míng refers the name of festivals in Standard Chinese.
购物季 gòu wù jì equal to the shopping season in Standard Chinese.

Related Chinese Words:
感谢 gǎn xiè To express “thanks” or “Appreciation” in Standard Chinese.
购物 gòu wù A formal expression to say “shopping” in Standard Chinese.

Chinese Words Pronunciation

Chinese Pronunciation on GoogleSay “November Festivals in Chinese” (Putonghua)

“Thanksgiving Day” In Chinese And Related


Speak November Festivals in Chinese including Thanksgiving Day in Standard Chinese and the related Words Phrases

The November festival “Thanksgiving day” is definitely known as “感恩节 (gǎn ēn jié)” in Chinese. It’s a big day for family gatherings and reunion, and also the right time for you to look back the past year and consider what and who you are grateful for.

11月里的节日,Thanksgiving Day 在中文里写作“感恩节”,是全家团聚的大日子,同时也是回顾和思考过去这一年谁是最值得你感恩的人。

If we divide its Chinese term into individual characters, they should be as the following:


  • (gǎn) – means to “feel” a kind of emotion or affection in Standard Chinese (Putonghua, aka. Standard Mandarin), such as “to feel happy” turned into Chinese as “感到快乐“.
  • (ēn) – represents the “kindness” or “favour” obtained from others in Standard Chinese (Putonghua), such as the religious “grace of God“.
  • (jié) – is usually used to mark the the day of festival or the day of anniversary in Standard Chinese (Putonghua), although it originally means a knot in bamboo or wood. Secondly, it often describes a section or a part of something in China, such as “an English course” equal to “一节英语课” in Standard Chinese.

Most Commonly Used Keywords Referring to Thanksgiving Day in Chinese


  • 感恩(gǎn ēn) – The common Chinese word and general speaking for “Thanksgiving” to express “gratitude” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua)
  • 感谢(gǎn xìe) – The most frequently used word “Thanks” to express “Appreciation” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua)
  • 祝福(zhù fú) – The most frequently used word “Wish” (as a verb) or “Wishes” (as a noun) in Standard Chinese (Putonghua)

And more in Standard Chinese:


  • 感恩贺卡(gǎn ēn hè kǎ) – The most commonly appeared phrase of “Thanksgiving Cards” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua)
  • 感恩语录(gǎn ēn yǔ lù) – The most commonly appeared phrase of “Thanksgiving Quotes” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua)
  • 感恩祝福语(gǎn ēn zhù fú yǔ) – The most commonly appeared phrase for “Thanksgiving Wishes” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua)
  • 感恩节餐桌(gǎn ēn jié cān zhuō) – The most commonly appeared phrase for “Thanksgiving Table” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua), also with an implying of Thanksgiving dinner感恩节大餐(gǎn ēn jié dà cān) in Chinese.

Make Thanksgiving Wishes into Chinese


There are several days or festivals centres on families reunion or being grateful for parents and ancestors in China, such as the important Chinese September Festival “The Mid-autumn Festival” and “The ChongYang (Double-Nine) Festival“. Chinese people don’t celebrate the Thanksgiving Day and such a festival doesn’t exist in China. In Chinese thought, the gratitude could be expressed to others any time any places.


If you are willing to learn how to make some popular Thanksgiving wishes into Chinese, please take reference to the following Chinese expressions:


  • Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩节快乐 (gǎn ēn jié kuài lè) in Standard Chinese (Putonghua, aka. Standard Mandarin).
  • Happy Thanksgiving Day to Everybody! 祝大家感恩节快乐 (zhù dà jiā gǎn ēn jié kuài lè) in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).
  • I wish you all a happy Thankgiving. 祝各位(大家)感恩节愉快 (zhù gè wèi gǎn ēn jié yú kuài) in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).
  • All Thanks for you in my life! 衷心感谢你出现在我的生命里 (gǎn xiè nǐ chū xiàn zài wǒ de shēng mìng lǐ) in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).
  • Thanks for holding me and supporting me all my life 感谢你一路扶持和帮助我 (gǎn xiè nǐ yí lù fú chí hé zhī chí wǒ) in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).
  • Wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! 祝你拥有一个载满祝福和欢乐的感恩节! (Zhù nǐ yōng yǒu yí gè zài mǎn zhù fú hé huān lè gǎn ēn jié) in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).

Use Chinese Words to Speak “The Black Friday” And Related


Speak November Festivals in Chinese including The Black Friday in Standard Chinese and the related Words Phrases

As Thanksgiving usually takes place on the fourth Thursday in November, the Friday close to the Thanksgiving are well-known as “The Black Friday” for shopping. If we turn this Festival name into Standard Chinese, then it could be written as “黑色星期五“, which consists of two basic Chinese words below.

感恩节通常发生在 11 月份的第四个星期四,与这一天最近的一个星期五则是大家熟知的“黑色星期五”。这个名称在中文里,由两个很基础的中文词语构成,如下:

  • 黑色 (hēi sè) – The word “Black color” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua)
  • 星期五 (xīng qī wǔ) – The word “Friday” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua), in which the first two characters “星期” represents the word “Week” and “” is the simplified Chinese numeral character equal to the number “Five“.

The Shortest Word For The Black Friday in Chinese


  • 黑五(hēi wǔ) – The shortest phrase to express the “The Black Friday” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).

Another Day Close To The Black Friday in Chinese


Speak November Festivals in Chinese including Cyber Monday in Chinese and the related Words Phrases

  • 网络星期一 (wǎng luò xīng qī yī) – The phrase “Cyber Monday” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua), or similar “网购星期一” in Chinese to imply the day for shopping online. And that’s what the word “网购” actually stands for in Chinese.
  • 网购 (wǎng gòu) – that’s what phrase “Cyber Sales” means in Standard Chinese (Putonghua), literally meaning to shop online.

More Black Friday Words Phrases For Shopping Season


Here are more Chinese words or phrases we’ve prepared for you, which are most common to appear in the shopping season. Hope they are useful and practical.


Chinese Shopping/Sales Words Phrases During The Black Friday


  • 线上打折促销(xiàn shàng dǎ zhé cù xiāo) – means “The Online Discounts and Promotions” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).
  • 黑五最佳促销/优惠(hēi wǔ zuì jiā cù xiāo/yōu huì) – The most commonly appeared phrase of “Best Black Friday Deals” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).
  • 黑五热卖(hēi wǔ rè mài) – The most commonly appeared phrase of “Black Friday Hot Deals” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).
  • 开始(开售)(kāi shǐ/shòu) – The most commonly appeared phrase of “Kick off” implying to start the Black Friday sales in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).
  • 为黑五做准备(wèi hēi wǔ zuò zhǔn běi) – The most commonly appeared phrase of “Gear up For Black Friday” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).
  • 已售空(yǐ shòu kōng) – The most commonly appeared phrase of “Sold out” in Standard Chinese (Putonghua), or similar as a verbal phrase “卖光了 (mài guāng le)” in Chinese.

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Wish everybody enjoy the shopping season with these November Festivals!


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