View Towards China’s Legal Holidays Calendar For 2022 And Chinese Festival Dates in New Year


As the latest announcement of China's public holidays and festivals' arrangement has been officially released, then we got a workable schedule of China's legal holiday calendar for 2022 and confirmed dates of Chinese legal festivals in next year. Let's take a view of them below.

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法定节假日 fǎ dìng jié jià rì The Legal Public Holidays and Festivals in China, mostly referring to the main legal holidays and festivals in Chinese mainland.

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日历 rì lì Calendar in Chinese.
调休 tiáo xiū China's working days adjustment, the days arranged for working due to the annual arrangement of Chinese legal holidays.

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What Are China's Legal Holidays?


Usually, China has seven legal holidays in a year, or known as China's public holidays, linking with several major Chinese traditional festivals, including:


  • Yuandan Festival - 元旦 (yuán dàn) - you may know about it as New Year's Day, and that's what the word 元旦 means in Standard Chinese (Putonghua, aka. Standard Mandarin).
  • Chinese New Year Festival - 春节 (chūn jié) - it is well known as 中国新年 (zhōng guó xīn nián), or the Spring Festival worldwide, the latter of which is exactly the literal translation of 春节 in English.
  • Qingming Festival - 清明节 (qīng míng jié) - generally understood as the Tomb-Sweeping Day.
  • Labour Day - 劳动节 (láo dòng jié) - also well known as the May Day or the International Labors' Day worldwide.
  • Duanwu Festival - 端午节 (duān wǔ jié) - The name Duanwu exactly comes form the Chinese pinyin of 端午 (duān wǔ). It is also well known as the Dragon Boat Festival, which is the literal translation from the word 龙舟 (lóng zhōu) in English, the big eye-catching symbol during the festival period in China.
  • Mid-Autumn Festival - 中秋节 (zhōng qiū jié) - The popular English name Mid-Autumn is literally translated from this traditional festival's Chinese name 中秋 (zhōng qiū).
  • China National Day - 国庆节 (guó qìng jié) - also well known as China's National Day Festival.

Most of above traditional Chinese festivals and legal holidays are distributed in the first half of a year, except the March, and the rest usually fall in the cool autumn and winter, except the November.


Although these Chinese legal holidays are regularly observed in fixed months, the exact dates for festival celebrations will fluctuate year to year due to the unique Chinese lunisolar calendar.


View The Latest China's Legal Holidays Calendar 2022

最新: 2022 年中国放假日历

Now according to the latest announcement of arrangement of China's 2022 public holidays and festivals, we are able to take a view towards the full China legal holidays calendar 2022, including the traditional Chinese festivals and working adjustment as follows, parallel lined in Standard Chinese, Pinyin and English.

现在根据最新公布的放假时间和安排,可查看以下完整的 2022 年中国放假日历及调休时间表(简体中文、汉语拼音及英文并列对照显示)。

Calendar: China's Legal Holidays 2022


(Jià qī míng)
(Qǐ zhǐ rì qī)
Start~End Date
(Tiáo xiū)
Work Arrangement
元旦小长假 2022
(Yuán dàn xiǎo cháng jià)
Yuandan Festival Holidays
aka. New Year's Day Holidays
1月1日~1月3日 放假
(1 yuè 1 rì ~ 3 rì, fàng jià)
Jan 1 ~ Jan 3
Saturday ~ Monday

春节长假 2022
(Chūn jié cháng jià)
Chinese New Year Holidays
aka. Spring Festival Holidays
1月31日~2月6日 放假
(1 yuè 31 rì ~ 2 yuè 6 rì, fàng jià)
Jan 31 ~ Feb 6
Monday ~ Sunday
1月29日 周六 上班
(1 yuè 29 rì, zhōu liù, shàng bān)
Work on Saturday, Jan 29

1月30日 周日 上班
(1 yuè 30 rì, zhōu rì, shàng bān)
Work on Sunday, Jan 30

清明小长假 2022
(Qīng míng xiǎo cháng jià)
Qingming Festival Holidays
aka. Tomb Sweeping Day Holidays
4月3日~4月5日 放假
(4 yuè 3 rì ~ 5 rì, fàng jià)
Apr 3 ~ Apr 5
Sunday ~ Tuesday
4月2日 周六 上班
(4 yuè 2 rì, zhōu liù, shàng bān)
Work on Saturday, Apr 2
劳动节假期 2022
(Láo dòng jié jià qī)
Labour Day Holidays
aka. May Day Holidays
4月30日~5月4日 放假
(4 yuè 30 rì ~ 5 yuè 4 rì, fàng jià)
Apr 30 ~ May 4
Saturday ~ Wednesday
4月24日 周日 上班
(4 yuè 24 rì, zhōu rì, shàng bān)
Work on Sunday, Apr 24

5月7日 周六 上班
(5 yuè 7 rì, zhōu liù, shàng bān)
Work on Saturday, May 7

端午小长假 2022
(Duān wǔ xiǎo cháng jià)
Duanwu Festival Holidays
aka. Dragon Boat Festival
6月3日~5日 放假
(6 yuè 3 rì ~ 5 rì, fàng jià)
Jun 3 ~ Jun 5
Friday ~ Sunday

中秋小长假 2022
(Zhōng qiū xiǎo cháng jià)
Mid-Autumn Festival Holidays
9月10日~12日 放假
(9 yuè 10 rì ~ 12 rì, fàng jià)
Sep 10 ~ Sep 12
Saturday ~ Monday

国庆长假 2022
(Guó qìng cháng jià)
China's National Day Holidays
aka. Golden Week Holidays
10月1日~7日 放假
(10 yuè 1 rì ~ 7 rì, fàng jià)
Oct 1 ~ Oct 7
Saturday ~ Friday
10月8日 周六 上班
(10 yuè 8 rì, zhōu liù, shàng bān)
Work on Saturday, Oct 8

10月9日 周日 上班
(10 yuè 9 rì, zhōu rì, shàng bān)
Work on Sunday, Oct 9

Tips: Jump to related Chinese Festivals and dates. And switching to Large-screen devices could enable you to view the full Chinese Legal Holidays Calendar 2022, Festival Dates and Working Arrangements of details.

(Jié rì míng)
(Rì qī)
元旦 2022
(Yuán dàn)
Yuandan Festival
(aka. Chinese New Year's Day)
1月1日 星期六
(1 yuè 1 rì, xīng qī liù)
Saturday, January 1, 2022
除夕 2022
(Chú xī)
Chinese New Year's Eve
(aka. Spring Festival's Eve)
1月31日 星期一
(1 yuè 31 rì, xīng qī yī)
Monday, Jan 31, 2022
春节 2022
(Chūn jié)
Chinese New Year
(aka. Spring Festival)
2月1日 星期二
(2 yuè 1 rì, xīng qī èr)
Tuesday, Feb 1, 2022
清明节 2022
(Qīng míng)
Qingming Festival
(aka. Tomb Sweeping Day)
4月5日 星期二
(4 yuè 5 rì, xīng qī èr)
Tuesday, Apr 5, 2022
劳动节 2022
(Láo dòng jié)
Labour Day
(aka. May Day)
5月1日 星期天
(5 yuè 1 rì, xīng qī tiān)
Sunday, May 1, 2022
* (五四)青年节 2022
(Wǔ sì qīng nián jié)
Chinese Youth Day
(aka. Chinese Wusi/May 4th Youth Day)
5月4日 星期三
(5 yuè 4 rì, xīng qī sān)
Wednesday, May 4, 2022
端午节 2022
(Duān wǔ jié)
Duanwu Festival
(aka. Dragon Boat Festival)
6月3日 星期五
(6 yuè 3 rì, xīng qī wǔ)
Friday, Jun 3, 2022
中秋节 2022
(zhōng qiū jié)
Mid-Autumn Festival
(aka. Zhongqiu Festival)
9月10日 星期六
(9 yuè 10 rì, xīng qī liù)
Saturday, Sep 10, 2022
国庆节 2022
(Guó qìng jié)
China's National Day
10月1日 星期六
(10 yuè 1 rì, xīng qī liù)
Saturday, Oct 1, 2022
* 重阳节 2022
(Chóng yáng jié)
Chongyang Festival
10月4日 星期二
(10 yuè 4 rì, xīng qī èr)
Tuesday, Oct 4, 2022

Tips: * implies the traditional Chinese festival, the day of which is coinciding with China's legal holidays of 2022. Jump to China's Legal Holidays here.

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