Get Free WeChat Red Packet Covers For Chinese New Year 2022! Limited!


Sending Red Packet, especially for the Chinese New Year Celebration, is a traditional custom and popular gift idea by the Chinese people. As the 2022 Chinese New Year's coming since Feb 1, 2022, we have prepared limited quantities of free WeChat red packet covers on the WeChat/Weixin app. Early birds can grab one of the customized red packet covers and then use it for sharing a WeChat red packet as well as good luck with families and friends.

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Similar Chinese Words:
红包封面 hóng bāo fēng miàn The cover of a red packet.

Related Chinese Words:
红包 hóng bāo The red packet is the most popular type of gifts sent by the Chinese to share the blessing and great fortune with others.
微信红包 hóng bāo The funtion in WeChat/ Weixin app allows people to send or share a virutal red packet with others.

Chinese Words Pronunciation

Chinese Pronunciation on GoogleSay “WeChat Red Packet Cover” in Chinese

What Is Red Packet Cover?


Free Red Packet Cover on WeChat for Chinese New Year 2022

Basically, the Red Packet Cover in Chinese as 红包封面 (hóng bāo fēng miàn) means a red paper cover or wrapper that wraps the outside of a Red Packet known as 红包 (hóng bāo) in Chinese, which is a popular sending and receiving gift welcomed by the Chinese people to share blessing and good luck with others on various occasions in China.


However, at present, when the Red Packet Cover is spoken of, it is more about a popular function WeChat Red Packet Cover in Chinese as 微信红包封面 (wēi xìn hóng bāo fēng miàn) supported by Tencent's WeChat/Weixin app in recent years, that allows users to choose a default or customized WeChat red packet cover when sending or sharing a virtual WeChat red packet to others within the app.


How to Get WeChat Red Packet Covers For Chinese New Year 2022?


There are two methods available for you to get a free WeChat red packet cover customized for Chinese New Year 2022. Let's go!


"Method One"

Scan QR Code For WeChat Red Packet Covers


Launch the WeChat/Weixin app from mobile, go to "Chats" - tap the top right "+" icon - tap "Scan", and then scan the specified QR Code below for obtaining a free WeChat Red Packet Cover for Chinese New Year 2022.

启动微信应用,依次点击“微信” - 右上角的“+”图标 - “扫一扫”,通过扫描以下指定的二维码来领取「2022 中国年」微信红包封面。

Method One on How to Get Free WeChat Red Packet Cover

"Method Two" Follow Us on WeChat & Type A Keyword


1. Follow us on WeChat/Weixin by scanning our Official WeChat Account's QR Code below, or search by the Keyword "Clifep" to find ChinaClife WeChat Official Account and follow it.


2. Type a keyword like "Spring Festival 2022" or "Chinese New Year 2022", then send it to our WeChat Official Account through the WeChat/Weixin app.

然后输入关键字 “Spring Festival 2022” 或 “Chinese New Year 2022” 并发送该消息至我们的微信公众号;

3. Now you'll be able to get a WeChat Red Packet Cover by following the simple instructions from the auto-response!


Method Two on How to Get Free WeChat Red Packet Cover

Enjoy and have a try!

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