Do you know what is Web WeChat? What benefits of it and how to use Web WeChat on your PC? The following bilingual story will give you an answer.”


|  怎样使用微信网页版?

English Words:       Web WeChat

Chinese Pinyin:      Wēi Xìn Wǎng Yè Bǎn

Chinese Characters:  微信网页版

Similar Chinese Words:   
    微信在线版 (Wēixìn zàixiàn bǎn)| The web application of WeChat to launch in browser.
Related Chinese Words:   
    微信客户端 (Wēixìn kèhù duān)| WeChat's Client end.
    微信电脑版 (Wēixìn diànnǎo bǎn)| The pc or mac client application of WeChat.
    微信应用 (Wēixìn yìngyòng) | The WeChat app to be installed on a mobile phone.
Related App: 
    微信 (Wēixìn)| One of the most popular online communication tool in China.

What Is Web WeChat?

| 什么是微信网页版?

what is Web WeChat and how to use Web WeChat on a PC

Web WeChat, also called “WeChat online version” in life, is a web application that allows you to login and use WeChat directly without downloading or installation.


Although there are limited features and advantages in Web WeChat unlike WeChat’s Client version, it is no required for users to download the WeChat application program which relieved them of tedious installation steps.


If you are unable to install WeChat program on a computer (no matter it’s Windows OS device or a Macbook) but have to communicate online with others via WeChat, then logging into Web WeChat should be the most suitable choice.

若你不太方便在电脑(无论是 Windows 系统的电脑还是 Macbook)上安装微信软件,但又需要和对方通过微信进行在线沟通,那么登录微信网页版通常是一个十分合适的选择。

However, no matter in what kind of conditions, you have to obtain a WeChat account at first. If you don’t have one, you are free to create one by clicking and reading the bilingual story How to Register a WeChat Account with a Mobile Phone.


What Differences Among Web WeChat, WeChat for PC and WeChat App?

| 微信网页版、电脑版与微信应用的区别?

The big advantage of Web WeChat is to retain WeChat’s basic functions, including one-to-one text chatting, group chats, file transferring, and viewing subscribed accounts, as well as logging in and using WeChat on any PC devices. It helps to break away from limitations that different devices and operating systems imposed.


Additionally, you will not miss any message in the chatting history of WeChat no matter whether you switch from Web WeChat to WeChat PC or WeChat mobile app later.


For office workers or minimalists, Web WeChat is quite easy to handle. Its clean interface helps them better focus on communication online not others.


On the other hand, there are a few differences among Web WeChat, WeChat Mobile app and WeChat for PC in addition to without installation, such as:


  • Web WeChat only allows chatting by sending and receiving text/images, not voice or video clips.
  • Web WeChat doesn’t support viewing the Moment.
  • Web WeChat is more suitable for using on a public PC, while WeChat for PC suitable for personal computer devices and WeChat Mobile app only for smartphones.
  • Web WeChat mainly focuses on communication online, not on viewing and reading the contents released in users’ subscribed public accounts which are enabled both in WeChat for PC and WeChat Mobile apps.
  • More minor differences.

To sum up, Web WeChat is the program aiming at pure communication on public devices. You can use it only after sign in. And it enables you to use WeChat functions seamlessly by switching from different kinds of devices.


By referring to the following method, you can launch Web WeChat easily in a browser and start conversations online with your friends.


Who Is Applied To This Guide?

| 本教程适用的群体?

The following guide may apply to:


A. Those who are using non-private computers in a public environment.

A. 在公共环境和设备上上网的人;

B. Those who are not allowed to download or install program applications of WeChat on PCs.

B. 无法在电脑上下载和安装微信客户端版的人;

C. Those who have already got a valid WeChat account via registration after installing WeChat app on a mobile phone.

C. 手机安装了微信应用,并已经注册了一个的微信账号;

D. Those who are more likely to type and send text messages with a keyboard rather than typing with fingers.

D. 更习惯于用键盘输入和发送消息而不是靠手指敲击的人;

E. Those who are expecting to send files fast between mobile phones and PC and without too many other choices.

E. 在没有其他更多选择的情况下,想要快速在手机与电脑间传输文件的人;

How to Do It?

How to Use Web WeChat on a PC?

| 在电脑上,怎样使用微信网页版?

Take a Safari browser as an example. The steps within other browsers are almost the same.

以下步骤,以 Safari 浏览器为例。其他浏览器操作步骤与其类似。

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Tips: The full content to show for Free Logged-in and Premium residents only. Please click Log-In / Sign Up for Free button on the top right to unlock them.

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