|  双语介绍支付宝及其国际版


English Words:       Alipay

Chinese Pinyin:      Zhī Fù Bǎo

Chinese Characters:  支付宝

Related Chinese Words:   
    手机支付 (Shǒu jī zhī fù)| Mobile Pay, Pay with Mobile Phone.
    蚂蚁金服 (Mǎ yǐ jīn fú) | Ant Financial Service Group, Alipay's parent company.
    微信支付 (Wēi xìn zhī fù)| WeChat Pay, another popular mobile payment method in China.
Related City: 
    杭州 (Háng zhōu)| The popular tourist city situated in East China is where the Ant Financial Service Group located.
Related App: 
    支付宝 (Zhī fù bǎo)| Alipay, China's leading third-party online payment solution.

What Is "Alipay"?

| 什么是“支付宝”?

What is Alipay and Alipay International

Alipay is China's third-party online payment platform founded by Jack Ma and controlled by the Ant Financial Services Group.


As early as October 18, 2003, Alipay was launched in China by providing secure online escrow payment services, and gradually developed into China's most widely-used third-party payment app and indispensable payment tool today, replacing your wallet, bank cards or any cash payment.

最早从 2003 年 10 月 18 日开始,支付宝就在中国率先推出了安全的线上托管支付服务,并逐步发展成为如今中国使用最广泛的第三方支付应用和不可或缺的支付工具,可以取代钱包、银行卡及现金支付。

In short, Alipay can be regarded as a kind of Chinese e-wallet tool, which is read as "支付宝 (Zhī fù bǎo)" in Chinese. Additionally, there is also another famous mobile payment tool in China which has been integrated into WeChat app, better known as WeChat Payment or called "微信支付 (Wēi xìn zhī fù)" in Chinese.

简而言之,支付宝可以看作是中国人的电子钱包工具,中文里称作“支付宝(Zhī fù bǎo)”。此外,在中国与之齐名的还有另一款移动支付工具,即已集成到微信应用里的微信支付功能,中文里称其为“微信支付(Wēi xìn zhī fù)”。

In China, Alipay is committed to providing a "simple, secure, and fast" payment solution for massive smartphone users, and has perfectly realized a series of core functions such as mobile payment, money transfer, money receiving and more.


With the help of dazzling built-in functions and mini-programs in Alipay app, Alipay can also help people to enjoy more convenient life services without leaving their home, including but not limited to :

  • shopping via mobile phones,
  • ordering takeouts,
  • paying the credit card bills,
  • topping up the mobile phone,
  • buying movie tickets,
  • paying all expenses related to water / electric power / natural gas services,
  • tracking express delivery,
  • making medical appointments,
  • health consulting remotely,
  • purchasing insurances,
  • making transactions of funds or other financial products, etc.
  • You are even allowed to participate in and support various charitable and public service activities by playing social games embedded in the Alipay app.


In the current global market, Alipay mainly servers Chinese users or those bound with Chinese bank cards, supporting them to pay via mobile phones globally, and as well as helping international tourists enjoy convenient mobile payment experience in mainland China.


From the year 2017, Alipay has gradually started to launch its services in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and as well as China's Taiwan, Hong Kong plus Macau areas, covering diverse consumption scenes such as in the local market, grocery stores/supermarkets, Duty-Free stores, restaurants, taxis, high-speed railways, etc.


By now, it has been built up strategic cooperation relationships in the field of electronic payment with over 180 banks on the globe and international organizations such as VISA, MasterCard and so on. With the leading effort of Alipay, the cashless payment has been covered into every corner of mainland China, while it's also extended and exploring in the global markets.

如今,支付宝已与全球 180 多家银行以及诸如 VISA、MasterCard 等国际组织机构在电子支付领域都建立了战略合作关系。以支付宝为代表的无现金支付不仅深入到了中国的每个角落,同时也正在全球领域延伸和探索。

Furthermore, there is also good news for Chinese gamers, that is, the Huabei service in Alipay now allows them to recharge and purchase pieces of games through platforms like Steam, PSN (PlayStation Network), Hong Kong's Nintendo official stores, Xbox stores and so on.

此外,对于中国的游戏玩家来说,也有好消息。那就是,支付宝的花呗现在已能支持在 Steam、PSN、香港任天堂官方商店、Xbox 等平台和设备上的充值和消费了。 ​

Alipay Chinese App VS Alipay International VS AlipayHK

| 支付宝:中国版 VS 国际版 VS 港版

By aiming to different markets and users, Alipay has officially released three editions: Alipay Chinese (better known as Alipay), Alipay HK and afterward the Alipay International.


Alipay China Edition

| 支付宝中国版

The Alipay China Edition, or called "Alipay (Mainland) China Edition", is the earliest-developed and most familiar core app with the most massive users.


It is mainly supporting Chinese users to access and use Alipay worldwide, or allowing others overseas who own Chinese phone number plus Chinese bank account to pay via mobile phones within the whole China (also including China's Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan areas).


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