What Is The Chinese New Year Movie Season In Chinese Language?


As we know, the first day of Chinese New Year 2021, the beginning of China's Ox year, falls on February 12th. But you probably have no idea about Chinese phrases such as "春节档" or "春节档期", which is known as the "Chinese New Year Movie Season". You may also call it the Spring Festival Movie Season since the Spring Festival is transcribed from another traditional calling of the Chinese New Year Festival in the Chinese language. Keep reading and get to know more about the Chinese New Year Movie Season in Chinese.

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春节档期 Chūn jié dàng qī The period or the schedule of movies to release during the Chinese New Year period.

Related Chinese Words:
电 影 Dìan yǐng Films or movies.
票 房 Piào fáng The Box office of a film or movie.
电影院 Diàn yǐng yuàn The cinema or movie theatre.

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What Is "Chinese New Year Movie Season"?


What is Chinese New Year Movie Season in Chinese, Chinese New Year Movie Season with Chinese Meanings

Chinese New Year Movie Season is transcribed from the Chinese word "春节档 (chūn jié dàng)" which is the common term of the movie industry in China. Some theatrical movies are scheduled or being released during the period of Chinese New Year celebrations and such a period of the Chinese New Year has got a popular name "Chinese New Year Movie Season 春节档 chūn jié dàng". For those movies releasing in the Chinese New Year period, they are certainly known as the "Chinese New Year Movies".


When is Chinese New Year Movies Season 2021

2021 年春节档的时间?

In China, the main period of the Chinese New Year Movie season usually starts from the eve or the first day of the Chinese New Year to the fifteenth day of the first month based on the Chinese lunar calendar, which is the day of "Yuanxiao Festival" (aka Chinese Lantern Festival), that is, from February 11th or 12th to February 26th in 2021, with a total of 15 days around. Among the period, the first seven days will make a significant impact on the gross of Chinese New Year movies.

中国春节档通常是指从除夕或大年初一开始上映,截止中国农历正月十五(即元宵节)的这段时间,即 2021 年 2 月 12 日至 2 月 26 日共 15 天左右的时间段。其中,前 7 天对春节档票房尤为重要。

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