What Is The Chinese of Christmas And New Year Celebration Movie Season in China?


Supposing that you are familiar with Christmas Holiday Films, do you know what is the Christmas and New Year Celebration Movie Season for Films? As the coming of New Year 2022, the so-called "Tiger Year" in Chinese, a new round of Chinese films for Christmas and New Year Celebration Novie Season kicked off in December China.

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贺岁档 hè suì dàng The new year celebration season for movie releases. Get more details at below.
圣诞季 shèng dàn jì The Chinese phrase for Christmas Holiday Season.

Related Chinese Words:
元旦档 yuán dàn dàng The movie season scheduled for YuanDan Festival Holidays or known New Year's Day Holidays.
春节档 chūn jié dàng The movie season scheduled for Chinese New Year Holidays or known Spring Festival Holidays
跨年 kuà nián The popular Chinese word stands for ringing in the new year or new year countdown.

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What Is Christmas And New Year Celebration Movie Season In China?

在中国,圣诞 & 贺岁档指什么?


You must have known about the Christmas and New Year holidays of the year, which are usually given the title "Holiday Season" in the West. Then what's the meaning of Christmas and New Year Celebration Season in Chinese? Is it the same as the holiday season?


The Christmas And New Year Celebration Movie Season, refers to a movie term and the movie schedule in some peak months in China. If we turn it into Standard Chinese (Putonghua), the Christmas and New Year Celebration Movie Season can be collectively titled with 圣诞及贺岁档 (shèng dàn jí hè suì dàng) in Chinese, and the shorter phrase "New Year Celebration Movie Season" for 贺岁档 (hè suì dàng) in Chinese.

“Christmas And New Year Celebration Movie Season”,中文为“圣诞及贺岁档”,是一个电影领域的术语,涉及中国的一个热门电影档期。若换作中文来表达的话,可用“圣诞及贺岁档”来统称圣诞 & 新年这段节日季内的电影档期,或简称“贺岁档”。

Initially, the "New Year Celebration Movie Season" in China was pointing to the films which were debuted close to the Christmas holidays, and screened till the end of the traditional Chinese New Year Holidays, almost covering a three-month-long period of time.


However, as the obvious yearly increases in box-office success during Chinese New Year Holidays, well known as Spring Festival Season or Chinese New Year Movie Season, now the New Year Celebration Movie Season in China are widely recognized and narrowed to the period from late November, or December (including the Christmas Holidays), to the last day of the year. Then, we can call it "Christmas and New Year Celebration Movie Season" to be specific.

但是,随着中国新年(又称春节)假期年复一年不断攀升的高票房成绩,“贺岁档”逐渐和“春节档”剥离开来,被细化为从 11 月下旬或 12 月开始(包含圣诞假期),一直持续到年末 12 月 31 日的这段时间。更具体一点,可称为“圣诞及贺岁档”时期。

What's more, these films will often continue screening to the New Year's Day Holidays, known as the Yuandan Festival Holidays in China, or even before the start of Chinese New Year Holidays, the "New Year Celebration Movie Season" in China can be broadly considered into a longer period of movie schedule, that is from December of last year till the days before Chinese New Year Holiday Season starts.

而且,由于这些影片往往还会持续上映到中国的元旦假期结束,甚至临近中国新年的日子,所以在中国,也可将 12 月开始一直上映到春节档开始前的这段电影档期看作是广义上的“贺岁档”。

How to Call Movies Showing Up In Christmas And New Year Celebration Season?


With regard to films, if they are scheduled or showing up in the Christmas and New Year Celebration Movie Season, these films are accordingly called 贺岁档电影 (hè suì dàng diàn yǐng) in Standard Chinese (Putonghua).


Among the title, the first key character (hè) means to celebrate while the second (suì) here indicates the upcoming new year.


An Chinese Excepton to New Year Celebration Movie Season


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